Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The funniest thing on Twitter is #AskGeorgeGalloway – warning: extremely offensive language

It started like this:
Then, a month ago, it turned into this:

Chris: If penguins are actually just chickens in wet suits, is it okay to warm them up by peeing on them? Quickly please.

Mark England: My dog keeps dragging his arse along the floor. Do you know why this is?

Jonathan: Have you ever considered splitting with Dumfries and going solo?

Birdy: Do you think the hokey kokey really IS what it’s all about?

Al Murray: Crikey can you smell that one where you are? Sorry

Paula: If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around to hear it, are you still a cunt?

Eli Lake: Isn’t it weird that your party is called “RESPECT” when so few people in the UK actually, you know, respect you?

Michael C. Moynihan: If the Islamic State gets its own TV channel and offers you a show, who will you have as your sidekick?

MoDawah: did Saddam Hussein ever make love to you and whisper "not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion" beforehand?

Tom Owolade: When you're not not supporting dictatorships, excusing terrorists, justifying rape and baiting Jews, what are your hobbies?

Steven Nash: If you were to salute the courage, strength, and indefatigability of any living dictator, who would it be and why?

Vladimir Putin: Have you ever met a mass murdering dictator you didn't like?

Tommy Robinson (ex-EDL leader): will u have a charity fight against me? If I win, money goes to @HelpforHeroes , if u win, actually u won't win

Lucy Roper: 'Felix' or 'Whiskas'?

Jake Warren: When did you decide to consciously start dressing like Gary Glitter?

TheHappySlapper: what type and size of stone do you recommend to throw at Rape victims to cause most injury and/or death?

Ex-Muslims forum: Hi George, you want a blasphemy law in Britain. How would you like to see apostates dealt with? Beheading, or hanging?

The Blue Baron: If you could bring back anyone from history which deceased Arab tyrant would you choose?

Baldylocks: What did Saddam's bum hole taste like??

Masamah PAI: Is Bradford now a completely Jew-free zone or do you have plans to build concentration camps in Halifax?

Of course, not everyone finds it funny...

Asghar Bukhari: Zionists are attacking @georgegalloway under the #AskGalloway tag - makes me realise how great a man he is.

...but the rest us are laughing fit to bust!


  1. Brilliant, will follow it immediately. Galloway is a prolific retweeter, he doesnt bother looking at the source of the tweet. As long it mentions Israel or Muslims he sends it on regardless of whether or not the original tweeter is some deluded 15 year old bedroom jihadi with 6 followers , probably all from the same "faith" school avout to be put into special measures.

    1. One hopes that Galloway, as part of his Press TV contract, has to read this particular thread, but I suspect that's the job of some lowly researcher. As someone who used to be a TV news researcher, I know that they tend to feel a sort of amused contempt for the front-of-camera "stars" whose interests they serve, so I suspect that whoever is curating #AskGeorgeGalloway finds it as howlingly funny as the rest of us do.