Friday, 19 December 2014

Proof that there really is a Santa Claus: LibDems at 5% in latest poll

Okay, today's TNS poll (results discussed here) is evidently a tad flaky, given that it gives Labour an unfeasibly high lead of 7% over the Tories - but, still, as it's Christmas, let's pause and enjoy the thought of just how sick LibDem MPs are feeling today as they read these disastrous findings, i.e. that they find themselves with the lowest ratings since the word "poll`"was coined. I have never understood the point of the LibDems or their predecessors, the LIberals, except as a party which has allowed a variety of humungously unpleasant blisters to take the moral high ground while sexually abusing children, trying to murder male lovers, lying about who was driving the car, spreading anti-semitic propaganda, hounding individual companies against whom you bear a grudge when you're Secretary of State for Business, lecturing everyone else on how mean they are to women when females are seriously under-represented at the higher reaches of your own little pimple of a party... and on and on and on.

These horrors prattle endlessly about "fairness", and then, in their single most repellent, treacherous, mean-spirited piece of shitty behaviour since the 2010 general election (and there are lots and lots to choose from), withdraw their support for Tory proposals to redraw constituency boundaries to even out the number of people represented by each MP. The one opportunity they had to create a "fairer" parliament - i.e one whose make-up would more accurately refelect the political leanings of the British people by reducing the ridiculously large number of Scottish  MPs (who can't even vote on key policies affecting their own constituents) - and they spurned the opportunity in favour of throwing a tantrum that would have shamed a five-year old because they didn't get their way over House of Lords reform. Ah diddums.

So fuck 'em.

Today - displaying the sort of politcal nous that has characterised his four and a half years in office - Nick Clegg decided it would be a good idea to hold a Facebook Q&A on the subject of education - an eccentric ploy that was never going to end well, given his volte-face on student tuition fees. The Guido Fawkes wesbite published extracts from the resulting insult-fest here. In order to make your festive season even more festive, here is what happened:

Maybe not entirely evil - but spineless and useless, certainly.

As for the rest of the comments, I'm a bit confused as to how it would be possible to "disgrace" the LibDem name, as it is already a stench in the nostrils of humanity.


  1. Don't forget Mark Oaten. I remember him interviewed on Radio 4 and being asked if he had any vices. The honest fellow informed us that he liked to take a packet of Rollo's into his greenhouse and scoff the lot whilst drinking a cup of coffee. And then about a month later....
    Pound for pound the Liberal Party do seem to have an unholy number of criminals and/or perverts making up their number.
    Poor old Gladstone must be doing cartwheells in his grave.

    1. And even Gladstone spent his evening trawling the streets of London for prostitutes to "save". I wonder...

      I wish you hadn't mentioned Rolos in the context of Mark Oaten's preferred form of relaxation - you've probably put me off them for life.

      And remember, "Bunnies can and will go to France!"

  2. Mark Oaten. Careful about him, if I were you. The Great Self-Appointed Judge of Matters Politically Correct, Sammy Davis Chakrabarti Jr., has forgiven him on our behalf. Like once discredited members of the England cricket team I expect he will soon be back in the Liberal fold so he can perve around with his chums again.

    1. It can't be long before Saint Shami is made a Baroness, can it? It's hard to think of anyone more deserving.

  3. Mention of these Sub - Continental names reminded me of an old Christmas tale from colonial Malaya in which Caledonian largesse meets Dravidian logic:

    A Scottish rubber planter gave his estate's Tamil foremen a large quantity of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky on Xmas Day and enquired next day what they thought of its quality :

    "Just right." came the answer.

    "What do you mean 'Just Right' ? "

    "Well, boss, if it had been any worse we couldn't have drunk it and if it had been any better you wouldn't have given it to us."