Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The changing face of global leadership - Reagan v. Obama (hat-tip: Marcher Lord)


  1. Paul Johnson has suddenly appeared in this week's Spectator after a long absence [I feared he was dead]. Diary p11 on the current crises in Ukraine : "...President Obama is a feeble and cowardly man who makes even Jimmy Carter seem bold by comparison. He is running down America's strategic capabilities while giving anaemic moral lectures...It is weak men who get us into world wars by accident."

    During the 1997 Kosovo War General Wesley Clarke, the NATO chief in the region, panicked and issued an order to his second-in- command, the British General Mike Jackson, to use his forces to block the runway at Prisitina Airbase to stop the Russians from flying in re-inforcements. Jackson told him to take a hike, famously saying "I am bloody well not starting World War III just for you." Wesley Clarke put himself forward for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2004 and ended up endorsing Obama.

    I look at the current line-up of Western leaders [inc. that sorry mob of wafflers from the EU] and then at Putin and Lavrov and get sweaty. Don't dick with Ivan and read your history books.

  2. I read an article by Matthew Continetti in the National Review recently suggesting that Bill Clinton was actually America's first properly black president, while Obama is its first female president (in the soft, intuitive, touchy-feely, lets-tlk-not-fight sense):

    Loonybins Johnson is 85, and absolutely spot on in his assessment of Jimmy Carter Mk II.