Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I feel sorry for David Moyes, but I'm DELIGHTED he's been fired: inevitable from the moment he bought Fellaini!

The best article I've read about Moyes's well-deserved defenestration was "10 Leadership Lessons From Manchester United's Hiring And Firing Of David Moyes" on the Forbes site, here

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  1. Very funny video. I was inclined to feel sorry for Moyes until I heard that theoretically he was in line for a £10m payoff [I believe that Erickson - the serial Swedish shagger - is still picking up large sums from the FA as part of his settlement]. I think Moyes should probably join the banking profession - they shell out even bigger bucks for non-performance. Barclays anyone?

    His replacement? No worries. Step forward Paolo Di Canio, late of Sunderland FC. He'll dissolve the tension and bring a smile back to the club. I miss his legendary touchline celebrations.