Tuesday, 22 April 2014

For all Richie Benaud fans - The 12th Man (warning: very bad language right from the start)

That was from the No.1 Australian album, Wired World of Sports (1989) credited to The Twelfth Man, in reality satirist Billy Birmingham.  I first heard it when my brother sent me a cassette tape of the LP from Australia soon after its release. Two years' ago he kindly sent me a compilation CD of the best of The 12th Man, which included this from the 2001 album, The Final Dig? Billy Birmingam was responsible for all the voices:


  1. Deadly! That sounds more like Benaud than Benaud does.

    1. Apparently Benaud used to send Birmingham critiques of his latest efforts at impersonation, inevitably complaining about his liberal use of profanity.