Monday, 10 March 2014

The latest issue of The Salisbury Review is now available - subscribe and annoy a lefty!

It’s time for my quarterly advert for The Salisbury Review, as those who’ve shown the good taste to bexome subscribers received the Spring edition through the letter-box today. For those of you who don’t know it, the magazine isn’t a round-up of what’s been happening in the cathedral town of the same name, but, rather, a compendium of high-quality articles and reviews by some of the most distinguished and interesting conservative writers of our age (and me – I’m in the mix as well: not sure why).

This quarter’s edition contains articles about wolf-dogs becoming the breeds of choice in the kuckle-dragging community; the suggestion that the Hanoverians were A Very Good Thing and that Culloden was the best thing that ever happened to Scotland; Theodore Dalrymple admitting that we might not actually be living in the worst of all possible worlds (despite practically everything else he's ever written); a young chap inviting us to embrace our inner Daily Mail; a thunderous editorial on how our politico-media class’s rudeness to Polish immigrants is a sign that Britain is now truly part of the Third World; and an appreciation of the classic conservative film This Happy Breed by some Scots-Norwegian with a line through his "o".

As I shall remind you from time to time, a print subscription at £25 per annum is an absolute snip – and an annual charge of  £12 for an online subscription (£12!) is too good to ignore, surely. Both forms of subscription are available here

In the unlikely event you're not yet a subscriber, here's what you're missing in the Spring 2014 issue:

4 Culloden, Scotland’s Blessing
Christie Davies
6 Mush
Penelope Fawcett Hulme
8 Letter from America
Matthew Walther
9 Bad  Manners in Barking
Don Beech
11 Demography and Destiny?
Russell Lewis
13 Time to Embrace our Inner Daily Mail
Jan Ball
15 Operation Sovereign Borders
Daryl McCann
17 The Recantation of Eeyore
Theodore Dalrymple
19 Pointing  the Racist Bone
 Jane Kelly
21 Gove’s Choice
Alistair Miller
23 The New Spice  Road?
S V Aldred
24 An Ancient Church
His Grace Bishop Angaelos
26 Gray’s Anatomy
Patricia Morgan

28            Conservative Classic:  Isabel Paterson The God of the Machine
30            Reputations: F W de Clerk
32            Eternal Life by Peter Mullen

Arts & Books
34            Nigel Jones on War Graves
35            Jane Kelly on East Germany
36            John Jolliffe on George Herbert
37            Celia Haddon on Birds
39            Anthony Daniels on Melancholia
40            Christie Davies on an eminent Sociologist
42            Michael St John Parker on the Enlightenment
43            Richard Packer on Drugs
44            Merrie Cave on the Spanish Civil War
46            Peter Mullen on God
46            Ron Capshaw on JFK
48            Film: This Happy Breed Scott Grønmark
50            Music: Battle Music Ralph Berry
52            Art: Viennese Portraiture Andrew Wilton

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