Thursday, 20 February 2014

The very best of the world's very worst album covers

Yes, officer, I'll keep him on the phone while you run a trace

Not only is Heino an actual recording artist, he went on to sell 50,000,000 records. Those crazy Germans! You can see him in oompah action in 2007 here (if you really want to).

Now, is that kind? (Listen to the title track here)
That's just what they'd like you to think, Freddie
I'm sorry, Cody, were you talking to me?
We're hoping it's a phase...
A dangerous combination, I should have thought
Not in the phone box, I trust
Now, that's just cruel
Go, Cat, Go!
He's from Sweden
You can listen to "Wild Hog" right here - not bad!
We'll take your word for it, love
She's from Serbia
And, what -  that makes it okay?
I'd give it ten minutes if I were you
You have got to be kidding
Whoa! Get a room!
Honestly, guys - nobody's laughing at you
And they advise you to seek psychiatric help
Too good for you, mate
Please do listen to William Hung's version of "Little Drummer Boy" here. You will never forget it.

If you'd like to know the story behind some of these truly tragic covers, click here.

There are dozens of sites featuring the worst LP covers of all time, but the slideshow here is a good place to start. 


  1. Heino bears an uncanny resemblance to the BBC's chief political correspondent wearing a platinum wig.

    1. Honestly, I've been racking my brains trying to think who he reminds me of, and you are spot on!