Friday, 15 November 2013

Yet more proof that Awkward Family Photos is the best site on the web

I'm really hoping that's a carrot

I've featured photos from this fabulous site once before (here). Please, please visit Awkward Family Photos here - you will be mesmerised for hours by the sheer weirdness and inventiveness of your fellow human beings: if I were a Psychology student, I'd be doing a PhD based on it:

Remember, Larry, how we talked at our last session about you getting out more?
They all agreed Dad was a wonderful, crazy bastard
Robin, we're gonna need a bigger Batmobile
Illegal in every state
We're your new neighbours - you got a problem with that?
And yet his colleagues never suspected a thing
"Hello, 999? I think we definitely need an ambulance."
This could mean a lot of police overtime 
Why can't these people just keep their frigging clothes on for a change?
Well, it's a wedding tradition in my family
What were they thinking?
This sort of thing happens when you vote Democrat
And I'm sure they rove you too

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  1. An alternative caption to bunny rabbit photo: " Dear Sir Jimmy, could you fix it for me to sit on the lap of the March Hare?"