Saturday, 12 October 2013

Yet more proof that American leftists are even more deranged than our own (hat-tip: Media Research Center)

Got that? Your children belong to everyone!

Here's a classic example of the left-winger's penchant for rational understatement:

Many years ago, a literary agent introduced me to the useful phrase "thumb up her bum and her brain in neutral". I think this is the sort of thing he meant:

Any educated left-winger who actually believes that the American media (or our own for that matter) is biased to the Right has either suffered serious brain damage or is lying through their unnaturally white teeth:

One of the things reserved Brits tend to sneer at about Americans (but which I've always found rather attractive, albeit occasionally embarrassing) is their willingness  to express positive emotions openly and enthusiastically, even while sober. But - just as they no doubt find our somewhat uncritical admiration for the Royal Family rather quaint - the American capacity for hero-worshipping politicians sometimes comes across as downright weird (of course, I make an exception for fawning - and wholly justified - celebrations of Ronald Reagan):

Maybe there's something in the water, because even Brits seem to pick up the slavering adoration bug when living across the pond (mind you, in this instance, the noun "Brit" might also serve as an example of rhyming slang):

That may just be the most nauseating example of Olympic-class brown-nosing I've ever witnessed. 

All of the above clips were featured in the entertaining Media Research Center's 2013 Gala, featuring The Dishonor Awards (including the highly coveted Barbara Streisand Celebrity Dumbass Award). If you have a couple of hours to spare, you can watch the whole thingere here: otherwise, visit the site, complete with all of these videos (and a whole lot more) here.

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