Saturday, 12 October 2013

American leftists are even more hysterical, conscienceless, mendacious and idiotic than our own (hat-tip: Daily Caller)

In case there's any doubt that Bill Maher is the most self-deluding leftist fool in the Anglosphere (and a truly repellent human being), definitive proof can be found at the Daily Caller website (here), which features this clip from last night's "Overtime" segment (i.e. online only) of his television show, where this throbbing blister actually claims Obama has become more "centrist" due to fear of assassination. Even fellow-leftist TV loon Chris Matthews seems taken aback - but nutso film director Oliver Stone's evidently cool with the idea...

If you're wondering whether this is simply an off-night for Maher - or that someone might have spiked his drink with a powerful hallucinogenic - just watch this earlier performance, beamed in from Planet Liberal, where truth is invariably denied entry:

Yeah, that's right - Reagan was responsible for America's decline. If only they'd given Jimmy Carter a second term!


  1. If you wanted to go right to the bottom of've done it.

    Of course, the American liberal is worse than yours because the American liberal is rootless and stupid on top of everything else.

    1. The other problem might be that our broadcasting rules state that you can't be politically biased. What this means in practice is that our TV stations only ever broadcast left-wing material. This annoys me - but when I see the kind of vicious, deranged, lying drivel liberals produce when there's no requirement to even pretend to be unbiased, I think I'd prefer to stick with our system. I'm not sure my blood pressure could cope with Bill Maher and Chris Matthews and their ilk.

    2. Maher is on gotta seek him out and pay extra for the pleasure. He seems like a miserable person.

      Matthews is on MSNBC...the least watched of a the billion cable news networks. He has two he's from one of the most notoriously racists cities on Earth...Boston. He goes to embarrassing lengths to prove that he is not a racists...mainly by accusing every one else of being one.
      Two, he's crazy as an outhouse rat...remember him talking about Clinton having sex with Martians after his speech at the 2012 Democratic convention?

      Of course, his natural tendencies, as a north easterner, to be loud, rude and dismissive don't help.