Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bravo, Harry Cole (aka blogger Guido Fawkes), for calling Obama a "hypocrite and a coward"

As Nile Gardiner pointed out in his Telegraph post on this subject, how refreshing to hear a BBC audience actually applaud such a statement. It means the Body-Snatchers haven't completely taken over, and that patriotism is far from dead in these islands. 

No wonder Obama enjoys an 83% approval rating among US Hispanics: after all, what's not to like about a guy who stands up for a deeply hionest, anti-militaristic, well-governed beacon of democratic freedom such as Argentina against the repressive, jack-booted, fascistic empire-builders of old Blighty! 


  1. I hadn't realised that Guido Fawkes was two people. Now I know.

    Talking of the BBC, I trust that we are all enjoying today's news:

    Newsnight and Radio 4’s World at 1 and PM have been taken off the air today as BBC journalists and technical staff strike in a row over jobs, workload and claims of bullying ... The unions have confirmed that staff will return to work in the "sad event" of the death of Nelson Mandela, who is currently in hospital with a lung infection.

    1. ...but not, of course, in the event of Mrs Thatcher's death.

      When the Great Man finally goes, I recommend the government declares a week of national mourning and rename Easter Sunday as Mandela Sunday in perpetuity.

      Mind you, it's hard not to raise a cheer for any action which takes BBC current affairs programmes off the air!