Friday, 18 January 2013

We didn't have snow at Christmas - but Nature's making up for it today

We're really furtunate to live in a part of London that looks good in all seasons and in any type of weather. It's excessively leafy, so Spring and Autumn are invariably splendid, and the mixture of red-brick and white-wood Norman Shaw architecture, the subtle pastel colours on some rows of terraced houses (including ours) and the mixture of bare-branched trees and evergreens make even the gloomiest, coldest, rainiest day in December a visual treat.

But, for my money, Chiswick, and especially Bedford Park, is at its loveliest in the snow. And, thanks to Global Warming, we've now had snow five years in a row. I was beginning to worry that our luck might be due to run out this year - but we woke up to a splendid frosting of the stuff, and after a fortifying cappuccinos and croque-monsieurs at  Maison Blanc in Turnham Green Terrace, went picture-snapping, on the basis that most of it'll be gone by tomorrow.

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