Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My 60th birthday cake revealed - a taste of Cornwall

Several people asked me if my wife was preparing another of her special cakes for my birthday. The honest answer was that I had no idea - but furtive rustlings in the kitchen and the rapid deployment of tin-foil over the last couple of days whenever I appeared suggested I might be in line for a follow-up to last year's Antarctic special (see here). Well, here it is - a scene reminiscent of that most wonderful of all Cornish beaches, Trebarwith Strand, complete with gulls, rocks, spume, sand and grass:

As with all my wife's cakes, every bit of it is edible - even the water and the foam. It's the first time she's depicted water - and, in real life, the effect is pretty stunning. It's a coffee sponge cake, with a chocolate and a coffee filling. It's delicious, and my diet is now officially shot to pieces.


  1. I'm late..

    Happy Birthday big man.

    Cake...swanky cake. I can't even get a Twinkie around here.

  2. I love this. Where did you wife get the seagulls from? I'd like to do something similar for my friend's engagement cake.

    1. My wife made the seagulls out of icing sugar - the only non-edible things on the cake are the wires holding the seagulls aloft. If you'd like to ask her anything directly, her email address is: sara.gronmark@btinternet.com

  3. hi I need to do a cake with water and love the creativeness and the effect that she has given in the cake. How did she do this please?