Sunday, 7 October 2012

God, how I loathe Microsoft!

So I decide to watch a Sky Sports channel on my Mac (the Twenty20 cricket final, as you ask) and a message pops up suggesting I update my version of Silverlight, the Microsoft application (plug-in? application? who cares?) that enables users to watch Sky TV channels live on a computer. My heart sinks.

While i know it's probably a good idea to update the programme, I also know that Microsoft will have made the process as difficult as possible, because they're a bunch of autistic Californian wankers who have absolutely no concept of how the mind of a normal human being actually works. None whatsoever!

Anyway, I agree to instal the latest version of Silverlight, and I'm faced with this page of instructions:
Verify your system requirementsMake sure you are running a Silverlight-compatible Macintosh operating system and browser and that you have uninstalled any previous version of Silverlight. 
Download Silverlight 
For Apple Safari users:
Once the download is finished, the browser will warn you that Silverlight.dmg contains an application. To proceed with the installation, click Continue. 
For Mozilla Firefox users:
Save Silverlight.dmg to your hard disk. Once the download is finished, click Open. Double-click Silverlight.pkg. 
Install SilverlightThe installer will warn you that "This package contains a program that determines if the software can be installed." Click Continue. 
On the Introduction page, click Continue.  
On the Select Destination page, select the destination volume for Silverlight, and then click Continue.
On the Installation Type page, click Install.
You will be prompted to authenticate. Enter your Administrator user name and password. Click OK to continue.
On the Finish Up page, click Close to exit the installer.
Restart your browser and Verify
Some browsers must be restarted before activating new plug-ins. Restart your browser to complete the installation.
Verify your installation by experiencing the Silverlight site. 
For installation support, visit our support page.

And that doesn't even include the malarkey you have to go through to uninstall the old version.

I mean, for God's sake - that's ridiculous! Yes, I know it makes sense if you read it slowly, and that I'm not being asked to do anything I haven't done many times before, but (a) as we've had personal computers for over 30 years now, you'd think they'd have figured out  an easier way to replace one version of a software programme with a more recent one, and (b) you'd think Microsoft would have figured out how to provide instructions in plain English that didn't bring on instant brain-cramp.

I almost made it through to the end of the page without losing it, and then I encountered the sentence: Verify your installation by experiencing the Silverlight site.

What does "experiencing" a site actually mean? If these goofy pointy-heads want me to visit a site - just bloody say "visit" and stop destroying the English language. 

As I said at the start - wankers!

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  1. I can't deal with PC's anymore. First we got the Ipad...then Iphones. As soon as the last microsoft product, in our home goes wonky...there won't be another.