Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Channel 4 News Culture Editor, Matthew Cain - a "brave" appointment


  1. This is obviously a homophobic spoof and therefore not very funny. Given the daily content of Channel 4 News I am sure they don't have time for a "Culture Editor"?

    On the subject of broadcasters hiring wildly unsuitable presenters [and given your knowledge of the BBC] can you explain why Will Gompertz [Arts Editor] and Colin Murray [Match of the Day 2] are in their current jobs? What are they supposed to bring to their various assigments?

  2. On the comedy quiz programme QI, there's always one question to which the correct answer is "Nobody knows". I think that may be the case when it comes to Gompertz and Murray. I presume Gompertz got the gig because he has a momumentally silly hair style, an interesting name (he's a second cousin of Business Corerespondent, Simon Gompertz), and because he looks a bit like Bill Nighy. As for Colin Murray, I assume he's helping meet the BBC's rather generous Cheeky Irish Chappy quota (though I wouldn't have thought Ulster counted) - there is no other remotely plausible explanation.

  3. Monumentally silly hair-style? Check out Raul Reimires of Chelsea FC. What's that all about? In the end, I had to turn off the Chelsea-Barcelona game because I could not handle it [as well as Drogba forever writhing around on the ground with his little baby pony-tail flopping about]. I wish Chelsea well at the Nou Camp [as in, eviscerated].