Thursday, 12 April 2012

Baltimore scum laugh while a tourist is beaten, robbed and stripped

What we're witnessing here is a befuddled tourist being attacked by a gang of about ten "people" in Baltimore on St Patrick's Day. After he's punched in the face, they take his watch and car keys and then - for the sheer fun of it - strip him.

I don't normally post shockingly graphic videos on this blog. And I know that every large city has its share of sub-human criminal scum. But I've made an exception in this case because of two factors. First, it's the laughter. Just how lacking in any sort of natural feeling for your fellow man, how utterly devoid of any glimmer of compassion would you have to be to stand around cackling delightedly while an utterly defenceless man is brutalised and humiliated? What sort of a wretched apology for a human being would enjoy such a horrifying spectacle instead of trying to help?

Second, Baltimore's Police Chief immediately leapt into action - to deny that this was in any way a hate crime, despite the fact that all the attackers were black and the victim was white. Well, maybe it wasn't - but aren't we all getting just a little bit tired of how fantastically eager the authorities are to stop us reaching our own conclusions?  Can you imagine the reaction if the gang had been white and the victim black? (Probably the same, actually - I mean, you'd say anything to stop having to listen to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton running off at the mouth, wouldn't you?) I'm reminded of the way senior police officers here almost trip over their own feet in the rush to tell us that Islamist terrorist attacks have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. That's for us to decide, thank you very much - freedom of speech is pretty much a thing of the past, obviously, but I'm pretty sure they haven't figured out a way of reading our thoughts. Yet.

The above video was the second one to find its way onto YouTube (no doubt posted by the conscienceless morons who filmed it for the amusement of other conscienceless morons). If you feel up to it, you can see the first video and read a full news report here.

Baltimore, by the way, is known as "Charm City". No wonder.

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  1. When they have fed their appetite for electrical goods and trainers the black brotherhood seems to be intent on "humiliation". See the sequence from the London riots about stripping a white guy of his clothes.