Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Abu Hamza and Mugabe: this is turning out to be bit of a Red Letter Day, news-wise!

So, our European masters are going to allow us to send Abu Hamza and four other terrorist “suspects” to America for trial after all. Why we have to ask  permission of a bunch of third-rate liberal lawyers in Strasbourg is beyond me – but at least they’ve reached the right decision (inadvertently, one presumes).

Let’s wait and see how this affects the case of Babar Ahmad, the current darling of the BBC, who has been held in detention here for eight years as he also fights extradition to the US. Obviously, all decent people will wish him – well, I know what I wish him and I’ll leave you to decide your views on the matter. For the BBC’s sake, it would probably be better if he were to extradited: that way they’re guaranteed hours of coverage on every news and current affairs outlet for years to come – and eventually, a Babar Ahmad night on BBC 2 followed by a Babar Ahmad weekend on BBC 4 and an entire Boxing Day devoted to him on Radio 4.

As the BBC has spent a lot of license payers’ money convincing the High Court to allow Ahmad to tell his story to the nation, perhaps they could blow some more on installing TV recording equipment and a permanent satellite link to TV Centre in the homes of Ahmad’s key supporters, so that no news broadcast or Newsnight or Today Programme will ever again be in danger of not including a contribution from at least one of them.

And as if all that wasn’t enough for one day, it seems that Robert Mugabe is near death in a Singapore hospital. No doubt some of that lovely aid we’ve been shovelling in Zimbabwe’s direction (Gordon Brown increased it, and David Cameron followed suit – bless!), paid for the £650,000 party held to celebrate this speck of human faeces’ 88th birthday last month – and, one assumes, will be paying for his daughter to attend university in Singapore (unless that was just a cover story for his stay in hospital).

As the European Court of Human Rights has cheered us all up sufficiently for one day, perhaps the murdering old terrorist bastard could hold off his appointment with Satan until the early hours so we can all wake up to some great news in the morning!


  1. No news about Mugabe so far. Personally, I rather like the old boy. Putting all his murdering activities to one side, he received the largesse of the British Nation whilst openly despising them. Cool or what? If he dies does this mean that the Rev Canaan Banana will return?

    Re Abu Hamza. Whenever I have a bowel movement I think about him. His bum must be in shreds. No wonder he always has these strange eyes. Or does he have eye-problems as well?

  2. I have never really thought of the difficulties that having two hooks must pose in the personal hygiene department. Rest assured, SDG, that the prison authorities will have thought of this already and funded an ECHR-compliant arm/buttock interface prosthetic for their resident activist.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the BBC interview with that other activist, Mr B. Ahmed, in which he dealt with the question "Do you support the idea of Jihad" with a series of answers along the lines of "If by Jihad, you mean the spreading of a message of peace and love/ elaborate and sweet-smelling floral displays/a world of eternal sunshine, then of course I support Jihad". It appeared to convince the BBC interviewer and who are we to judge otherwise.

    As for Mugabe, I always look forward to that verse in Stevie Wonder's 'MasterBlaster Jamming' in which he intones "Peace has come to Zimbabwe". Good tune too.