Tuesday, 18 October 2011

An antidote to British TV's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street wankers

The coverage of the Occupy Wall Streeters on British television has been disgraceful. You'd imagine, from listening to BBC, ITV or Sky News that what we were seeing here was the emergence of a  serious political movement.

Last year, when a genuine grass-roots political movement emerged in the US, with, like, y'know, policies and principles and ideas and support and stuff, Britain's broadcasters treated it with utter contempt - but that's because it was a right-wing movement started by ordinary people who love their country, work for a living, and don't expect the state to bail them out. When a bunch of half-witted hippy wasters descend on New York's Business District, stoned off their tits and barely able to string a sentence together, they're treated with the utmost respect. But, of course, they're left-wing.

If, like me, you need an antidote to all this nonsense, just listen to this extract from Howard Stern's radio show (hat-tip: Biased BBC):


And you thought we'd left all that nonsense behind some time in the early 1970s!

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  1. I don't know why the Howard Stern tape is supposed to be funny. It just reminded me of hundreds of conversations I had in the past with various creative directors in advertising agencies. These were men of genius.