Friday, 26 August 2011

Elephants, peace-loving Palestinians and some eccentric dancing - a video round-up

I know anthropomorphism is regarded as a deadly sin in the post-Johnny Morris era, but some animals make it difficult not to indulge. For instance, it’s hard to live among urban foxes and not draw parallels with some of the less wholesome elements of human society. Similarly, no matter how illogical, it’s difficult to watch the following video (hat-tip: my brother) and not suspect you’re looking at morally decent creatures.

In case I’m accused of making ignorant, David Starkey-style generalisations, I’ll let the next depressing news report speak for itself (hat-tip: Grumpylarry):

I’ll end on a brighter note with one of the best “Blue-Eyed Soul” records ever made - Roy Head’s 1965 classic, “Treat Her Right”. If you feel like dancing along, I strongly recommend not copying Roy’s unique dance style, or you’ll be requiring major surgery:


  1. For years I've been the subject of ridicule from family and friends as I attempt to " bust some moves" at parties, with absence of coordination, inability to send rhythm-related messages quickly enough to my legs and a natural imbalance among the most frequently cited failings. I'm really grateful because now I can point to someone with an even more eccentric approach to the horrors of the dance floor than me. Truly extraordinary and it becomes more so the more times you watch it.
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 - 06:52 PM

  2. Ex-KCS, when I worked at Westminster, the building we were in, 4 Millbank, had an atrium restaurant area we could look into from our offices. Around Christmas , this restaurant would occasionally host office parties with a disco. Watching one of these shindigs one night - it was a large insurance company - I suddenly realised that white Britons should not be allowed to dance to modern "beat" music unless they're abroad and giving the locals something to laugh at, or are under the age of 21. This prohibition should extend to those - like myself - of mixed ancestry. When forced to "cut a rug" over the years I have generally stuck to a dance created by late '60s skinheads, which is well suited to people who can't dance - it consist of lumbering from one foot to another while holding one's fists in front of one's chest in an aggressive manner. It looks horrible - but in my case at least - it clears the dance-floor very quickly. The only time I tried anything more energetic - I believe it's called "jiving" - my female partner ended up wrenching her knee, and shouting rude things at me as I helped her to a seat.
    Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 07:01 PM