Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The police aren’t on our side - they do the bidding of people who despise us

The last two days have brought yet more proof that Britain’s PC PCs have given up all pretense of being  on the side of the law-abiding, and have moved into a realm beyond the reach of parody - or of belief, come to that.

First, a 50-year old female farmer from Essex has had her shotgun confiscated after contacting Plod following a confrontation with five teenage “travellers” who were trespassing on her land and cutting her trees for firewood, using a chainsaw. When she asked them to leave, one of the little shits allegedly threatened to kill her and her animals, while another went on cutting down her trees and the others three shouted obscenities, exposed themselves, and threw stones. Again, allegedly.

Plod turned up, took a statement, then returned later and confiscated the lady’s aforementioned shotgun and other weapons – all legally held – at three in the morning. The police later described this as a “sensible precaution”.

Meanwhile, fellow fuzz on the Isle of Wight arrested a man for performing the song, “Kung Fu Fighting”, at a sea-front bar. Apparently two Orientals happened to walk past during the performance and were offended. (Well, it is an appalling slur to suggest that any Orientals indulge in martial arts, obviously - almost as bad as suggesting they work hard and are good at maths. If he’d launched into George Formby”s “Chinese Laundry Blues”, they’d probably have sent an Armed Response Unit.)

Our Criminal Justice system now seems to exist solely to protect what the great American thinker Thomas Sowell calls the “mascots” of “the anointed”, as he terms the liberal elite. Right now, these mascot groups – the ones which allow liberals to indulge in the sort of “moral preening” to which they’re addicted - include gypsies and any group whose skin pigmentation differs from that of the indigenous population, as well as, obviously, squatters, the “homeless”, homosexuals, transsexuals and transvestites, criminals, illegal immigrants and very rich people who don’t want us to know that they cheat on their wives.

Those of us who don’t fit into any of the above categories can basically go and boil our heads: we’re nobody’s mascots. Sowell calls us ”the benighted”, i.e. ordinary folk whose selfishness, cruelty, stupidity and prejudice have created the need for the compassionate classes to identify and protect sanctified victim groups. (Whether these groups deserve or need any protection is utterly beside the point.) Sowell points out that it doesn’t matter whether this championing activity by the liberal elite actually benefits the objects of their self-righteous outrage – all that matters is that these pseudo-victims enable liberals to strike moral poses which make them feel superior to the rest of us. The Essex farmer (who, incidentally, has leukemia - evidently not a criterion for sympathy) was showing prejudice towards travellers: the Isle of Wight singer was displaying racism towards another minority group. 

If you harbour any lingering belief that the police are working for you –forget it! They’re working for a supposedly enlightened elite which sees us- the very people who pay for the police - as the real problem. 

Gosh, if only we weren’t so horrid!

Extend Sowell’s analysis to the international stage, and you realise that the Palestinians are the ultimate mascot group - and the Israelis are us.

Guess whose side the liberal West is on!

I’ve recommended Thomas Sowell’s 1995 masterpiece, Vision of the Anointed: Self Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy before, and will undoubtedly do so again. It is a work of genius.

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