Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Left's decency, intelligence and regard for the truth is truly 'umbling...

Is it remotely possible that Labour's Great Lost Leader doesn't realise...

...just how grotesquely smug, insensitive and out of touch that makes him sound? Mind you, this tweet from Richard Dawkins went one better, by adding rampant snobbery and sheer, unadulterated nastiness:
So Dawkins views all bar a handful of the 17,410,742 Britons who voted for Brexit as indecent, jingoistic bigots - thus revealing himself to be an irrational bigot. What an absolutely dreadful warning he is for the effects of militant atheism on a man's character - God may be dead as far as Dawkins is concerned, but the professor seems to find it necessary to replace the God-sized hole in his soul with a host of substitute deities, including evolution and, of all things, the EU! 

Alastair Campbell, one of Dawkins's fellow EU-worshippers, somehow managed to convince himself that a bunch of white, middle-class liberal-leftists having a nice get-together on a beautiful, sunny Saturday in Central London was somehow a Brexit game-changer...which prompted many tweeters to point out that the former Labour spinmeister seemed somewhat less convinced of the significance of  protest marches when his boss Tony Blair was in charge:
Last week, the Orwell prize for Journalism was awarded to The Observer's Carole Cadwalladr, who has a bee in her bonnet about Leave campaign funding. In this tweet, our intrepid reporter seeks to draw a parallel between the EU referendum and Grenfell: if this garbled, meaningless tosh is indicative of Ms Cadwalladr's ratiocinative powers, George Orwell really must be spinning in his grave (although he would have hated the cliché), and The Orwell Foundation should hang its collective head in shame:  
The Red Hen, a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, kicked the White House Press Secretary and her family out last week because of the lady's association with President Literally Hitler
(for whom she is doing a great job, by the way). The restaurant's staff evidently failed to read the notice displayed in one of its windows:
Or perhaps they imagine "love" is a synonym for rudeness, intolerance, pettiness, and plain bad manners.  Not all restaurant owners felt the same way, as Sarah's dad was quick to point out:
Then again, you can always rely on antidemocratic Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters ("a very low-IQ individual" as Trump accurately describes her) to endorse vile behaviour:
And Donald Trump can always rely on the mainstream media for unbiased coverage:
Which prompted this response:
One of the Left's favourite techniques when it can't find any facts to fit its preferred narrative (because there never are any) is to convene a group of "experts" (i.e. a bunch of left-wing activists/academics/whatever) whose sole purpose is to make up a load of tendentious horseshit, which can then be pumped out via a plethora of compliant, unquestioning media organisations:
Yes, of course it is. 

Now and then, it's simply impossible to maintain one of the Left's Big Lies, at which point you get another bunch of "experts" to admit that, yes, okay, it's not true... but only because of underfunding!
As we know, if you want to ensure packed opposition benches, schedule a debate about NHS funding, and let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence. If you want to clear the Labour benches, schedule a debate aimed at protecting British service personnel from being unfairly harassed:
One thing young folk are prone to these days, I've noticed, is a certain haziness about - often amounting to a complete ignorance of - anything that happened before they were born:
Forgotten? Tony Hancock? Stone me!

Back in prehistory - i.e. the 1960s - making lazy assumptions about books, films, plays, art exhibitions and TV programmes one hadn't seen was mainly an activity of the Right. These days, it's the speciality of the illiberal, intolerant, fearful, outrage-junkies of the Left:
I wrote an appreciation of Zulu for The Salisbury Review last year, in which I pointed out that the two men behind the film were lefties, and that it's devoid of the slightest hint of racism: I can only assume that the 28 fools who objected to the film being screened had either never seen it, or had been so determined to be offended by it that they failed to notice that it treats the Zulus with enormous respect throughout. 

When I feel the need for a quick shot of wisdom and insight, I invariably turn to Yoko Ono's Twitter feed:
Just...imagine! Although, to be honest, unless she's thinking of Messi or Ronaldo (or even Harry Kane), I'm not sure that she's quite grasped the process whereby the winner emerges - or even that the contest involves teams rather than individuals.