Thursday, 21 June 2018

In case you're looking for a clear summary of what parliament has been doing with Brexit this week...


  1. The Brexit farce is nicely illustrated by the cross - examination of the loathsome Guy Verhofstadt by an endlessly polite English gentleman who studiously avoids examining crossly :

    1. Indeed. Just as I've been astonished by the bizarre reluctance of most British MPs to reclaim control from Brussels (if you don't wish to exercise power, why go to all the trouble of getting elected?), I have no idea how any MP (apart from the Corbynites, who despise this country) could bear to listen to Juncker or Verhofstadt or any of the rest of them constantly insulting this country without experiencing an overwhelming urge to kick the ill-mannered little wretches up the arse. How did Britain end up with such a bunch of quivering, masochistic, spineless, dickless, spunkless, testosterone-deficient, white-flag-waving, surrender-monkey, quisling politicians? It's baffling.