Friday, 2 February 2018

A round-up of this week's wit, wisdom, stupidity and hysteria Pt. 2

Undoubtedly the best headline of the week:
Let that be a warning to all of us, I say...

Racist! And this next meme is so wrong on so many levels that even smirking at it probably counts as a hate crime. 
As for this...
...ouch! While this one is so spot-on, I feel like reaching for the Clearasil:
I'd forgotten that we're actually supposed to laugh at Radio 4 comedians. I often feel like jeering, but...laugh? Surely not! Talking of laughter:
Perhaps Nancy Pelosi should buy an extra tube of Fixodent before next year's State of the Union Address so she doesn't spend the whole of it looking as if she's trying to keep her dentures in place otherwise people will begin to suspect that she's a graceless, bitter old left-wing ratbag. Speaking of sore-losers:
Is there really any need for that sort of rudeness, Piers Morgan? (Answer: yes there is.) Perhaps if Jon Sopel hadn't spent his time as the BBC's North America editor seeking the approval of his media peers by frenziedly signalling his utter contempt for Donald Trump (as well as endlessly airing his mancrush on Barack Obama), he - rather than Morgan - might have secured a one-to-one interview with the world's most powerful politician. Still, I expect John Simpson was absolutely appalled by the way his craven colleagues spent eight years allowing Saint Barack to spout self-evident tosh while scandal after scandal passed by with barely a mention on the BBC. 

In my previous post, I featured a tweet from "Lord" Adonis in which he seriously suggested that the BBC had been captured by "Brexiters". Well, anything a Brit can do...
That the New York Times, in case you were in any doubt - the paper that shrieks "racist!" every time a conservative opens their mouth. They walk among us: they really do. Now for some sense, just for the sake of balance:
Fingers crossed! Now, to the main news of the past week/fortnight - the brave, ongoing battle by doughty BBC women (all on eye-wateringly high salaries) to be awarded an even bigger slice of the pie funded by license-fee payers. Julia Hartley-Brewer brought some perspective to the issue: 
When the BBC finally published details of the salaries paid to its front-of-camera high earners, I predicted two things: (1) the issue would be reframed as a battle for gender equality, and (2) the BBC pay-bill would increase. I was all for achieving parity by keeping women's pay where it was while massively reducing the earnings of male presenters. True, some of the men have had their pay cut (although they're still earning a bloody fortune), while women are going to be paid more. The net result, DG Tony Hall tells us, is that the overall pay bill will increase. Well, there's a surprise - but I'm sure licence-fee payers will feel that inflating the income of people who already earn well in excess of £100,000 constitutes a reasonable use of this involuntary, legally-enforceable poll tax. Trebles zeroes all round! 

Meanwhile, young people (who are our future) have been making us proud once more:
One's first instinct, naturally, is to seek out the little shits and administer a damn good tongue-lashing (at the very least). But then you actually see and hear them and you realise that they're really just a bunch of middle-class kiddies playing at being revolutionaries, and you begin to wonder if a word with their teachers, lecturers or parents wouldn't be a better idea. Here are the pathetic little tits who "invaded"  Blighty, a charity café in Finsbury Park, last Saturday. It serves a breakfast called the "Winston" - and, as we now know, Winston Churchill was a racist, war-mongering, imperialist fascist (at least, that's what they've been taught at university):
And Labour is calling for votes for 16-year olds? Well, yes - because the younger they are, the more ignorant they are. 

Of course, America has its fair share of this type of SJW. Here, one of them lectures a Venezuelan doctor living on $25 a month on how incredibly lucky he is not to live in Trump's America:
For some reason, that scene in Airplane! where everyone lines up to "pacify" a hysterical passenger springs to mind. 

But, every now and then, somebody posts something heartening:
Good for you! Given the present political climate, in which intolerant leftist clones roam the internet in packs, bullying non-believers into silence, it's much, much easier for an old, retired bloke like me to spout his conservative opinions on social media than it is for younger people to step out of the political closet: and if my friends don't know I'm a conservative by now, they haven't been listening. I suspect a lot more people will be following Charlotte's example over the next few years. With any luck, many members of the Labour Party, sickened by the takeover of the party by Momentum knuckle-draggers, will be following suit  - they certainly will if this blogpost from Nora Mulready - who resigned from the Labour Party earlier this week - is anything to go by.  Here's an extract to whet your appetite (FYI, she's talking about Haringey):
In their campaigns against the regeneration of some of the most deprived parts of the borough, those who now dominate Labour revealed an unforgivable willingness to exploit. They fought, (and have probably won), to keep people in positions of deprivation. Why? To manufacture anger and hatred as fuel for their desired class war. I have nothing – nothing – but contempt for these politics, which only achieve keeping the downtrodden, downtrodden. These politics are immoral, are destructive, cause great harm to the poorest, and great harm to society, and they now dominate the Labour party. 
In recent weeks, Labour could not make a simple statement in support of those protesting for freedom in Iran. It couldn’t give a straightforward condemnation of a regime that stones people to death for adultery, publicly hangs gay people, and forces women by threat of criminal punishment to wear headscarves in public. The hard left’s virulent anti-Americanism renders it ‘just not that simple’. No, with the influence and influx of ‘Stop The War’ ideologies, Labour has been dragged so deeply down the rabbit hole of anti-imperialist theories that they cannot condemn dictatorial, theocratic, repressive Iran in case it somehow strengthens, or implies support for, democratic, secular and free America. My Labour would see America is a necessary bulwark against Iran, yet the Labour we have sees Iran as a necessary bulwark against America. I cannot in all good conscience tell a single person to vote for that.  
The two of us probably wouldn't agree on much - but I admire her courage in saying "enough is enough".  If only Tory backbenchers could display the same level of intestinal fortitude by booting the abysmal Theresa May out of office, we might still be able to prevent the sort of malignant, nihilist nutters who have forced Nora Mulready out of the Labour Party from taking over the whole country.

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