Thursday, 20 April 2017

The London Philharmonic is celebrating the Russian Revolution at the Proms? What a tasteful idea!

Ah, isn't that sweet! I hope they've commissioned a host of new commemorative pieces, including:

The Police State Polka (performed by the NKVD Glee Club Singers)
Screams in the Night: The Dzerzhinsky Square Fantasia for Generator and Electrodes
The Two O'Clock in the Morning Tap at the Door Tocatta
The "Glorious Gulag" Gavotte
Symphony of a Thousand Show-Trials
Airbrushed from History: Opéra comique
The "Killing Kulaks" Concerto
Fugue for Fellow-Travellers
The Katyn Massacre: Minuet
Nocturne for Non-Persons
"Enemies of the Revolution": Pavane for 6,000,000 Dead Ukrainians

... the possibilities are endless - as, indeed, were the cruelty and suffering resulting from one of the greatest man-made disasters in history.

I'm really hoping the BBC Proms will follow up with celebrations of Hitler's election as Chancellor in 1933, Cambodia's splendid Year Zero, China's wonderful Cultural Revolution, and the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by Kim Il Sung.

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