Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cultural Marxist mindbenders walk among us, sounding their PC piety klaxons...

I take a week off from the blog and return to find that the country's vast, sinister army of left-liberal social engineers has been hard at work rewiring the national psyche. It seems that, having failed to halt Brexit - and with the Tory lead in the opinion polls hovering between 16% and18% and President Literally Hitler in the White House - they've decided to redouble their thought-policing efforts in those areas (inclusivity, diversity, gender equality etc.) where they're not needed, because those battles have already been won. Still, when your main pleasure in life is signalling how morally superior you are to the vast majority of your countrymen (or countrypersons),  any cause is fair game - even if it's no longer a cause in any meaningful sense of the term.  First, the piety klaxon blared out from the campus of Hull University:

According to the Daily Telegraph (here): 
A senior lecturer in religion at the university said: “Should any student use language which is not deemed gender-neutral, they will be offered feedback as to why. Deduction of marks is taken on a case-by-case basis.”
(Why does the word "feedback" always send a shiver down my spine?) No doubt bad spelling and poor grammar are acceptable, because to mark students down for such "mistakes" would be unfair on those from disadvantaged backgrounds. And the terminally thick, of course. Mind you, someone at the university must have realised the document could leave the institution open to ridicule - or worse - because it only came to light following a Freedom of Information request.

On the other hand, Oxford University turned the volume control on its piety klaxon to 11 when announcing the list of 24 portraits of former students it has commissioned in order to demonstrate its "commitment to inclusivity":
That's right - Theresa May didn't make the list, because, after all, landing the most important job in the country doesn't in any way mean that women don't face a glass ceiling, does it? Otherwise, self-regarding social justice warriors couldn't carry on bitching about it, and that would never do. Besides, she's a Tory prime minister, just like the last female-graduate-turned-PM the university insulted back in the '80s. Similarly, Cressida Dick - who someone should tell them is about to become Britain's top copper - also failed to maker the cut. But, you know - Blue Meanies! Orgreave! Stop 'n' Search! Institutional Racism!  

Meanwhile, Esther Rantzen made it. So did dreary old hard-line communist film director, Ken Loach. The university's groovy, go-ahead, "inclusivity max" list also includes that giant of journalism, the BBC's very own Rita Chakrabarti, and some woman who was the first Native American to graduate from the university - yippee! - and a bunch of campaigners for a variety of fashionable left-liberal pet victim groups, but no businesswomen, because, you know, capitalism! You can read more about it in the Telegraph, which informs us: "The university said last night that Mrs May was omitted from the list because no staff or students currently at Oxford had bothered to nominate her." Educated fools, the lot of them. 

As I like to keep my finger on the mighty pulse of the great city where I've lived for most of the past 58 years since arriving here as a lad in a longboat, wearing reindeer skins and a horned helmet, I follow our mayor, Sadiq Khan, on Twitter (it's my way of saying "Thank you, Sadiq"). My heart almost burst with pride when he tweeted this message a few days ago:
Last time I checked, little Sadiq was a Muslim, a religion which doesn't have a notably impressive record when it comes to female equality,  and I'm pretty sure (although it's hard to keep track these days) that he's still a member of the Labour Party, whose representatives don't half bang on about the need to smash that glass ceiling while successfully resisting the urge to elect a woman as their leader - or even as their candidate for Mayor of London. If Khan was actually "determined to do everything in my power to break down the barriers to success women face" perhaps he could have a quiet word with his co-religionists here in the Capital - and then step aside to allow a woman to take his place as mayor. Then we'd know that he wasn't simply semaphoring saintliness like billy-oh without actually inconveniencing himself in any way whatsoever. 

Meanwhile, some members of the left-liberal elite seem to have concluded that brainwashing the Great Unwashed in order to override its distressingly unprogressive beliefs and instincts is too much like hard work. For instance, this distinguished philosopher has taken to demanding that the world instantly rearranges itself to accord with his desires, and to hell with the rest of us:
Er... on what grounds, exactly? Because you didn't like the result? Oh, that's fine, then, A.C. Sorry I asked. 

I'm not sure whether the following photograph is recent or not - but I saw it for the first time this week. This is what happens when an addiction to virtue-signalling spirals out of control:
These people are so terminally stupid, I assume they're Oxford graduates. 

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