Saturday, 15 April 2017

Conservative Hollywood actor James Woods is as splendidly acerbic off-screen as on

James Woods turns 70 on Tuesday - but there's precious little sign of him doing much mellowing. Following his Twitter feed is a bit like watching a highlights reel of lines from his movies:
It's safe to say that, unlike most Hollywood stars, he's not a committed Hillary fan:

Or of her husband:
And he's never been over-impressed by Barack Obama (whom he refers to as a "block party organiser"- amongst other choice epithets):
Okay, Jimmy - I think we've got the message. Nor that enamoured of Bazza minions like former National Security Advisor Susan Rice either, it seems:
As for other Democrat politicians:
And to Elizabeth Warren, the senior Democrat senator from Massachusetts, who despite being one of the whitest people on the planet, ludicrously claimed Native American ancestry:
And I get the impression he's not that crazy about the left-liberal media:
But he is patient with dissenters:
And he really appreciates virtue-signalling SJWs:

See what I mean? That sounds like a line straight out of CopBestseller or The Hard Way

Woods - like most sensible right-wing conservatives - was a Ted Cruz supporter going into the final Republican presidential nomination battle. He's currently giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, but it'll be interesting to see how he reacts if the evidence that The Donald is basically a Big State liberal become overwhelming - because he tends to get a wee bit tetchy:
Please keep the tweets coming, because (1) you're almost invariably right, (2) you allow me the luxury of feeling like thoroughly reasonable, milquetoast centrist (3) you might just convince other entertainment industry conservatives to speak out, and (4) you're one of the few contributors to social media who regularly makes me laugh out loud.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Woods - here's to many more of them.

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