Monday, 27 February 2017

If you're mad enough to stay up for tonight's Oscars Ceremony - make it bearable by playing Literally Hitler Bingo!


...send off an angry tweet every time it turns out that the Academy has confirmed how disgustingly bigoted it is by awarding an Oscar to a white, male heterosexual. In the unlikely event that any of the recipients fail to use any of the terms on the above card during their acceptance rants, please send them abusive, obscene tweets or an email accusing them of being LITERALLY HITLER. Then you can go to bed feeling really proud of yourself for having made a difference.

Happy viewing. Me, I'm off to bed.


  1. I've never had the stomach to sit through the Oscars, or indeed any of the numerous back-slapping events the entertainment industry constantly award themselves. Now I wish I had!
    Of course I would have had to endure several, God awful, hours of virtue signalling, endless digs at Trump and sobbing celeb's. But what a finale! Could they have made a bigger pig's ear of the main event if they had tried?
    I think this proves that (most) Hollywood types should leave serious things like politics to the big boys (and girls) and just remember their lines make sure they don't bump into the furniture.
    Oh, and open the correct envelope...

    1. After I'd stopped laughing at the news of the pompous little fluffy-heads' hilarious act of self-harm. I switched on the TV to watch the debacle - politics was not mentioned once during the BBC report on the fiasco. Not once. So, for all I know, there may have been fifty speeches denouncing Trump as "Literally Hitler" - but, if so, they were made in vain. Even a grey, rainy Monday morning suddenly felt joyful.

  2. I gave the ceremony a miss when I realized that Ken Loach [father of Bill Nighy] had missed out with his wonderful film "I, Sexton Blake" - an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza about Britain's benefit system. Even Jerry Corbyn - who also favours the geriatric "alcoholic" dosser look - commended it to the Commons.

    I see the cinematic version of "Dad's Army" missed out as well - it might have pushed poor old Kirk over the edge to see his daughter-in-law in this dreadful production. Brits, if you want an Oscar stick to the Royal Family.

    Your above grid is missing a box. "People of Colour".

    1. Also, "nation of immigrants", "the one-percent", "cultural appropriation", "white privilege" and "compassionate".