Wednesday, 28 December 2016

"Yes John Kerry, if only this orange sliver was smaller there would be peace." Dave Rubin

Yes, I know it's hard to spot, nestling in amongst all those huge, peaceful, prosperous, tolerant, liberal Arab, Muslim democracies - but...

...the country causing all the problems in the region, the one real impediment to peace - according to the outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry - really is that minuscule orange sliver in the middle that represents 0.18% of the region in terms of land, one sixtieth of its population, and with no oil whatsoever. Despite that - and being surrounded by hostile dictatorships - it has the highest life expectancy in the region; it's is the safest country in the region (actually, it's the fifth safest in the world), has the highest literacy rate, the highest proportion of university degrees in the world (Arab countries have the lowest in the world), produces the highest number of scientific publications in the world (Arab countries produce fewer than any other region); has complete press freedom (unlike any Arab country); enjoys complete freedom of religion; is the most advanced country in the world for women's rights; enjoys one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world; has the highest proportion of scientists and technicians in its workforce in the world; and its contribution to science and technology - whether in biotechnology, health, medicine, energy, agriculture, defence or aerospace - is quite staggering...

And Israel's the problem here?

When it comes to Israel and its relationship with its myriad enemies, the West - exemplified by John Kerry and Barack Obama - is suffering from a form of  moral insanity which makes it side with the aggressor against the victim, with the failed against the successful, with fascists against democrats, with the intolerant against the tolerant, with terrorists against their targets - with wrong against right.

It's not a question of how reasonable people could possibly support Israel - it's more a question of how we could possibly not.

Three months ago, I was almost dreading the thought of Trump entering the White House. Now, January 20th. can't come quickly enough.


  1. The map should have another colour for Sweden and Germany with the legend "Active Muslim Conversions". Over the years Israel must have regarded what Western European politicians have done to their respective nations with utter disbelief.

    1. ...and it's hard to imagine what Israelis feel about those Jews in Europe and America who have actively supported the policies which have resulted in this sort of headline (from the Mail, two days ago):

      "Knife-wielding Afghan migrant 'stabs Christian woman, 50, because she was reading the Bible at the Austrian refugee centre where he lives'
      The middle-aged woman was set upon by a 22-year-old Aghan migrant in Austria
      She had been invited to an accommodation in Timelkam to talk about the Bible
      When he heard her reading from the religious scripture he launched his attack
      Christian woman was saved from serious injury by her thick winter coat"

      The American comedienne Joan Rivers was asked why she voted Republican, unlike most American Jews, who vote Democrat. Because, she explained, she didn't want to be killed by Arabs and didn't want to have the money she'd worked hard for confiscated - and she reckoned both those things were less likely to happen under a Republican administration. Spot on, I reckon.