Friday, 2 December 2016

The Lib-Dems triumph in Richmond. Here's the winner!

Er... Hmm. Oh well. Mind you, any man who thinks this is how you hold a glass of beer is a born loser (and I don't mean Boris)...

Oh dear. No wonder Zac Goldsmith managed to lose despite Bob Geldof campaigning against him - that must have been worth at least 5,000 votes on its own. Of course, given the new trend for the losers of any election to instantly protest against the result on the grounds that it's jolly well not what they wanted, I urge everyone to support Brendan O'Neill's call for a second vote -  accompanied by threats to thcream and thcream until you're thick:  

Still, many more interviews like this one with Talk Radio and Mrs. Olney might be jolly glad of a rerun:


  1. Who was that woman interviewer? She was amazing. I think she has learned something from Nigel Farage.

  2. I take it all back; that was Julia Hartley Brewer. She wouldn't need tips from Farage or anyone else.

    1. I'm really looking forward to Mrs. Olney's first interview with Andrew Neil on The Daily Politics. Bet she runs rings round him.