Saturday, 26 November 2016

No, honestly - this woman is the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury!

Let's remind ourselves of another Labour economics genius. Here's Richard Burgon...

...who was Labour's Shadow City Minister when this Channel 4 interview took place in October last year:
What just sent a shiver down my spine was learning that this idiot is now Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor. It would evidently be impossible for him to know less about the law than he did about business and economics, but still...

As for falling star, Rebecca Long-Bailey, you can read more about her sparkling performance on the Daily Politics here.


  1. Long-Bailey was on "Any Questions?" last Friday. I can confirm that she is seriously stupid.

    A note to Labour politicians who start wilting under attack from professional media interrogators. Do not under any circumstance resort to "The Bambi Defence" i.e. the overfamiliar use of the interviewer's first name. It is better to employ "The Fruity Flame-Out Defence" and flounce off the set in simulated dudgeon looking for a brown paper bag.

    1. They let her out twice? Good God!

      The mistress of the "The Bambi Defence" is undoubtedly Diane Abbott - but she hasn't quite got it right, because she always makes it sound as if she's addressing a retarded five-year old. This doesn't tend to play well with Andrew Neil, who is probably at least 100 points above her on the IQ scale, but she keeps doing it anyway. What's particularly infuriating is that, if an interviewer were to use a politician's first name in the same faux-chummy way, they'd be in trouble - so why do politicians do it? (In "Diane"'s case, because she's stupid, arrogant and insensitive, obviously.)