Sunday, 4 September 2016

If Eddie Izzard actually wants to win a political campaign, why does he insist on wearing make-up and dressing in women's clothes?

This was the former comedian, Eddie Izzard (now a marathon runner and political activist), on yesterday's sparsely-attended March for Europe in Central London:
Who exactly was he trying to win over to the cause of Britain remaining in the EU?...

...Anyone feeling a warm glow of approbation at the sight of a middle-aged man wearing lipstick, a pink beret, a T-shirt with a scooped neckline, a fetching ochre shoulder bag and pumps (if that's what they are - I'm not up on this sort of thing) will undoubtedly already be a Remainer. (I have no idea why this should be the case, but it just is - I know it, and you know it.) Does he seriously think that any of the 52% of the electorate who voted for Brexit are going to look at him in this ludicrous get-up and think, "You know, I was worried about Britain's lack of sovereignty, mass immigration and the undemocratic nature of an EU superstate - but if a daft-looking bloke who used to be funny a long time ago thinks we should stay in, I really fear I may have been guilty of a serious error of judgment. The EU looks like fun!"

Izzard doesn't have to dress like this. Here he is on a pro-Labour walkabout in Reading in 2010:

Not an earring or a ladybag or a trace of lipstick in sight (of course, he may have been wearing high heels and silk panties - but I doubt it). Bit metrosexual for some tastes maybe, but not aggressively so. If his intention in prancing around London yesterday looking like a clown was to convince voters to (somehow) renounce their decision to wave goodbye to the disintegrating socialist behemoth across the Channel, why did he deliberately doll himself up in a manner guaranteed to annoy (or repel) the vast majority of Britons? Is Izzard's much-vaunted transvestism more important to him than the political causes he backs? In which case, maybe he should concentrate on the thing that really seems to interest him - i.e. convincing us of the social acceptability of a footling sexual aberration which most of us find both silly and embarrassing - and leave serious political campaigning to others.

Mind you, if I wanted to "normalise" transvestism (for all you know, I could be wearing a babydoll nightie as I write this) I'd be begging Izzard to stop supporting cross-dressers - because his track record is abysmal. Here's a list of some of the causes he has enthusiastically backed over the years, according to Guido Fawkes:
Britain should join the Euro
Gordon Brown as Prime Minister in 2010
Yes side in the 2011 AV referendum 
Ken Livingstone for mayor in 2012
Ed Miliband for Prime Minister in 2015
Andy Burnham as Labour leader in 2015
Remain in the EU 2016
If you're a political campaigner, finding that Eddie Izzard's on the opposite side should be a cause for celebration. 

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  1. The other day I was consoling a Remaniac friend of mine. I asked her how she'd feel if another country left the EU. She said: 'Oh that would be so much better.' There's a herd mentality here - as soon as another country votes out, this whole anti-Brexit movement will fade away. How likely do you think that will be? And when?