Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What caused the Milwaukee riots - selfish rich people or failed left-wing policies? You decide...

First, there's this resident who thinks blacks are rioting because "the rich people they got all this money, and they not tryin' to give us none" (at 40" in):

Then there's Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's slightly different take on the problem:

Gee, that's such a difficult choice! I just don't know which of them is right. I mean, rich people are notorious for preferring to selfishly hang on to the money they've worked hard to earn with a view to spending it on themselves or passing it on to their children or donating it to charity: they never seem to understand that they have a moral obligation to hand it over to lazy, criminal thugs who hate them. But, then, the idea that left-wing policies ever create dependency, criminality, unemployment and poverty just seems so far-fetched

No, it's a tough one, right enough.

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