Tuesday, 16 August 2016

One-eyed trouser-snake betrays Japanese pole vaulter at the Olympics- he should give it a sound beating!

Mind you...

...has a male athlete ever had a better excuse for failing to win a medal?  The full story of Hiroki Ogita's mishap can be found here

Let's hope he doesn't decide to fall on his sword - he'd probably do himself a real mischief.


  1. Olympic athlete Dick Fosbury had similar problems in the high jump until he decided to jump "back first" and thereby keeping the offending organ away from the bar. The "Fosbury Flop".

    Anyway, we now know why sometime US actor and Speedo enthusiast Roddy MacDowell never took up pole vaulting.

    1. Ah - I always wondered how it ever occurred to anyone to go over the bar backwards!

      From what one reads, Roddy could have saved a fortune on poles.