Monday, 22 August 2016

British Muslims are not in danger of a white racist backlash - and many more black Americans are killed by blacks than by whites. Stop telling racist lies.

According to today's Daily Express item, the hate-preacher - who fought tooth and nail for eight long years to stay in the UK before finally being extradited to Jordan in 2013 - now feels that the West is simply too dangerous for Muslims. he told his 58,000 Twitter followers "Muslims living in the West will lose. Sedition and spread of bloodshed will devour them."


I suppose that could be read as a warning that Islamic extremists are about to ramp up their terror campaign in civilised, democratic countries, and that Muslim immigrants better skedaddle before they're slaughtered by their co-religionists. In that case, where would they be safe from attack by other Muslims? Turkey - well, no. Iraq? Syria?  Israel's probably their best bet, in terms of staying alive, but I'm guessing that's not exactly what Abu Qatada had in mind - and, besides, Israel's really a Western country, given that, unlike its immediate neighbours,  it guarantees freedom of worship and equal rights for women and gays and all that Westerny stuff.

Or could it be that Mr. Chuckles seriously expects Muslims in the West to believe that the indigenous peoples are planning to launch a bloodthirsty crusade in their own backyards against adherents of the Religion of Peace? Because, you know, you'd have to have had your brain scrambled by some vile hate preacher to believe anything quite so ridiculous. I suspect Old Beardie is desperate to foment a clash of civilisations (or a clash between civilisation and barbarism, if you prefer) over here, and probably wants all the "good" (i.e. unWesternised) Muslims to leave so the vast majority who choose to remain can be considered self-declared enemies of fundamentalist nutjobbery. But as long as fundamentalist nutjobs keep slaughtering non-fundamentalist Muslims in the Middle East, that's just not going to happen (and it probably wouldn't in any case - I'm sure most Muslims who have settled in the West are only too well aware of the vast gulf between the sort of minor "shouted at by an idiot in a bus queue" discrimination that they might occasionally face here and the "being raped, tortured and beheaded" variety Christians (for example) are subjected to in some Muslim countries.

Most left-liberals won't agree with the implications of Abu Qatada's message, of course - but they've come close to doing his shit-stirring work for him by constantly peddling a milder version of his Great Lie - i.e. that Muslims in Western countries live under the threat of white racism, as conclusively demonstrated by the Brexit vote and utterly spurious statistics about the increase in reported "hate crimes" (just a reminder - as the law stands, a hate crime is something which the aggrieved party feels is a hate crime, and a "reported" hate crime hasn't necessarily been proved to have actually taken place).

One of the other pseudo-truths (i.e. lies) routinely aired by our liberal-left media was uttered by the great American composer, arranger and producer Quincey Jones on BBC News yesterday, during an interview with Arts Correspondent Will Gompertz, who - evidently desperate to shoehorn the issue of racism into his brief report - asked the great man: "What do you think it's like now for African-Americans?" Mr. Jones responded:
"The confrontation is bigger than it ever was before, and something has to be done now... you can't just ignore it... they're killing the young black kids every day. I can't stand it."
Oh dear. Now, I'm sure the 83-year old Quincy Jones has suffered and witnessed a deal genuine racial discrimination in his time. And it must be simply awful for such a distinguished representative of his race - indeed, one of the most prominent and successful African-Americans of his generation - to realise that things are getting worse, despite half a century during which billions and billions of dollars have been poured into black communities as part of an endless series of well-meaning initiatives launched by every administration to elevate the financial, social and educational status of black Americans - including attempts to impose black success via widespread affirmative action (i.e. discrimination against whites and Asians) in higher education and the job market. There have been plenty of individual success stories - including Quincy Jones himself and, of course, the election (and re-election) of America's first black president. But the mass of American blacks  haven't progressed. In fact, by every measurable standard - teenage pregnancy, single parenthood, unemployment, average income relative to whites and Asians, percentage of the prison population, crime, educational attainment - blacks are going backwards compared to the early 1960s.

The attempt by America's politicians to "help" blacks has been a disaster.

I cannot begin to imagine the angst this causes successful blacks like Quincy Jones - it must be genuinely heartbreaking for them. But that doesn't give him the right to smear American whites in general, and American police officers in particular, by pretending that they're responsible for the grotesquely disproportionate death rate among young black men.  It is - overwhelmingly - young black men who are responsible for killing young black men. And blacks are eight times more likely to attack whites than vice-versa - despite there being five times as many whites. And white criminals are twice as a likely to be shot by the police as black criminals, etc, etc, etc.

I'm really sorry for Quincy Jones. And I'm really sorry for American blacks who have to suffer prejudice because of the criminality of other blacks. But to go on blaming it all on white racism and demanding that liberal politicians increase the "help" that seems to have created this social catastrophe in the first place strikes me as insane.

If a hugely distinguished white American musician had, during the course of an interview with a BBC arts correspondent, complained about the amount of crime committed by black Americans against whites, would the BBC have broadcast his or her comments (unless, of course, they were seeking to emphasise the inherent racist attitudes of white Americans)? Of course not - even though FBI crime statistics would suggest there might actually be some factual basis for such a complaint. And did it occur to anyone at the BBC to wonder whether broadcasting what amounted to a racist comment - a comment elicited by a blatantly loaded question - was editorially justified, given the BBC's horror of racism? Well, of course not - because, to our left-liberal media, what Quincey Jones was implying is so obviously, undeniably, incontrovertibly true - just as it's obviously true that British Muslims live in constant fear of violent attack by the dreadful white racists who surround them.

If we hope ever to wrest our culture back from the left-wingers who have taken control of most of it, we're really going to have to stop letting them get away with this sort of mendacious nonsense. While we're calling the media out on its inherent anti-white racism, we may have to point out that their attitude to people of colour might need some adjustment:

With friends like these...

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