Saturday, 25 June 2016

The revolt of the elites... they're jolly angry with us about Brexit!

And he's not the only one who's displeased...

...the elites are absolutely apoplectic at the sheer damned impertinence of the plebs. Here, throwing his toys out of a pram made of solid gold, is Irishman Peter Sutherland, the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, former  European Commissioner responsible for Competition Policy, and now a member of the Migration Advisory Board of the International Organisation for Migration:

I know, Pete - this democracy nonsense is simply frightful: all the important decisions affecting our lives should be left up to VERY important, VERY rich people - people like you, in fact - because you know best. And you also know exactly how the British people (and, for some odd reason, Irish people living in Britain) would vote if only they were given another chance. (I suspect they'd vote Leave in even greater numbers.)

But, of course, the people who are really to blame for this disaster are boring, selfish, racist, xenophobic coffin-dodgers who, just because they've wasted their lives working hard, paying taxes and acquiring wisdom borne of experience, seem to think they have the right to vote on issues affecting the future of their country - because, after all, children are the future:

Well, young Jessica, you may have a point. Voting requires making an effort, and that's something (judging by your spelling) to which many young people seem decidedly allergic:

But what's really worrying everyone is how many prominent actors, transvestite comedians and former Irish pop stars might choose to desert Britain rather than be subjected to the democratic whims of people who aren't as rich or famous as them (and who therefore don't know as much):

As for those people who are busy signing a petition calling for a second referendum, they have a point, don't they? After all, if this had been a general election and ignorant provincial oiks - Midlanders, Cornish bumpkins, those ghastly philistines who occupy the suburbs, shell-suited denizens of Northern council estates, etc. - had voted the wrong way, then surely the Wankerati of London, Oxford and Cambridge would simply call for it to be held again?

But there may be no need for a second referendum:

A Labour MP urging his colleagues to subvert the will of the people! No - I can't see anything wrong with that, can you? I'm sure that'll go down an absolute treat with voters in what I think we now have to describe as Labour's former Northern heartlands.

But, never fear - the Guardian knows just who to call in to "interpret the two halves halves of our divided kingdom to one another" - artists and intellectuals, that's who! 

Yes, indeed, I can just imagine some chap in a cloth cap hunched over his pint in a Sunderland tapas bar: "Ee, lass - we were feelin' reet divided till that Will Self interpreted ourselves to each other. A reet gradely bloke, that!" I reckon the two halves of our "divided kingdom" will somehow manage to muddle along together without the Wankerati getting involved:

What's puzzling many of us - Leavers and Remainers alike - is why Friday's threatened post-Brexit vote Armageddon didn't really materialise:
Perhaps the reason the politician who threatened to close the Stock Exchange yesterday if we voted Leave has gone into hiding is that he's putting the finishing touches to his threatened "revenge" budget:

If you see George Osborne, don't approach him - he may increase your tax rate!

I'll leave the final word to Brendan O'Neill, the editor of Spiked Online, who played a blinder during the referendum campaign - and continues to do so:


  1. David Lammy appeals to "our sovereign parliament"?
    The same script-writers working for him, presumably, as are also producing the current Labour shadow cabinet slapstick.
    I can't believe how lucky the Conservatives are with Labour at home and EU bigwigs abroad diverting attention and laying down covering fire while the party re-groups.

    1. As the notorious libertarian Tweeter Old Holborn posted today, "Best. £3. Ever."