Thursday, 30 June 2016

Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere... brought to you by TV News (h/t: Paul White)


  1. At last some comic relief. Very funny and very accurate. In Private Eye this week there is a small item :

    "Polls show 94% lead for "Relieve" campaign.
    Latest polls have revealed that most voters are backing the EU Referendum "Relieve" campaign which believes almost everyone will be mightily relieved when it's all over on June 24th and politicians will finally get out of our faces."

    Fat chance....

    1. Mind you, Private Eye is pretty much "an old bitch gone in the teeth" these days, and "satire" seems the preserve of smug, rich left-wing comedians peddling the usual old bollocks on ghastly establishment programmes such as Have I Got News for You and Mock the Week. Satirists have become about as funny and unpredictable as politicians. Where are the new The Day Todays and Brass Eyes? ("I know, why don't we have a panel featuring fresh young talent like David Mitchell, Dara O Briain and Greg Davies fearlessly sneering at UKIP, the Daily Mail, the Royal Family and the sort of idiots who don't believe in mad-made global warming? That'd really shake things up!")