Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sky's Sophie Ridge and Faisal Islam are smashing BBC's political coverage out of the park - but only Ms Ridge can do this...

Well, she did start her career as a News of the World trainee, covering showbiz stories. Now, this Italian economics journalistic isn't quite as fanciable (women might feel differently), but he doesn't half talk a lot of sense on Brexit:

Who knew the word "Braaayyyyykkkkzzzzeeet" could sound so dramatic?

Speaking of sounding dramatic, I've been enjoying the stream of shadow cabinet resignation letters which have been released at regular intervals over the past two days. Of the lot, I thought this one from Chris Evans (who he? ed - no idea, but presumably not the soon-to-be-sacked Top Gear presenter), was the most amusing:

The last paragraph at the bottom of the first page - describing Corbyn heading straight from a PLP meeting to address a rally of shrieking Momentum morons - echoes a satirical piece by the Telegraph's Michael Deacon written shortly after Corby's election as leader. In it, Deacon pictured Corbyn, newly-elected as Prime Minister, standing at the window of 10 Downing Street, gazing at a gaggle of hard left anti-government demonstrators chanting for him to resign. After a while, Corbyn slips out the back and joins them, enthusiastically calling for his own dismissal.

What a relief not to have an anti-Corbyn Labourite use the inevitable "d" word - decent - to describe their "leader". Mrs. Thatcher resigned after winning the first round of a leadership election. 81% of Steptoe's MPs have just informed him that he no longer commands their confidence - but he's evidently not going to budge until his party is an unrestorable smoking ruin. Similarly, I'm thoroughly sick of being assured that this ghastly old terrorist-lovin' anti-democrat "doesn't have a racist bone in his body." In that case, maybe he shouldn't routinely ally himself with screaming anti-Semites and actually bring himself to utter the word "Israel". Man's an absolute shower.

Finally, a tweet about the far left "journalist" Paul Mason:

This was retweeted by the author, Robert Harris, with the comment: "One of the great holy fools of the age". I'm not sure what the word holy is doing in there. What I can't get over is the fact that this monumental idiot (Mason - not Harris) was once Newsnight's business editor - meaning that some bright spark at the BBC once believed that the best person to interpret this country's business affairs was a former member of the Trotskyist Workers' Power group (?), who more recently described his political beliefs in these words: "I am a radical social democrat who favours the creation of a peer-to-peer sector (co-ops, open source etc) alongside the market and the state, as part of a long transition to a post-capitalist economy." A truly scandalous appointment, and an insult to license-payers.

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