Saturday, 18 June 2016

If we vote for Brexit, and Obama sends Britain to the "back of the queue", this could be the nation's next project...

Let's face it...
...since they're facing a choice between this:
- and this:
... and they've just been through eight years of the most abjectly hopeless and deeply unAmerican president in their history, I reckon the US might be ready for the dulcet tones, exquisite good manners and razor-sharp intellect of Britain's next Prime Minister, Michael Gove - whose understanding of the meaning, importance and sheer genius of America's Founding Documents would be, I'm certain, far superior to either of the main parties' candidates for the presidency. And if they don't fancy him, we could offer them Boris Johnson (who already has an American passport), with Dan Hannan as VP to fill in the blanks and keep his boss on the straight and narrow.

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