Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Your handy, cut-out-and-keep "Am I an Anti-Semite" test...

Just about nails it, I think...
It should be obvious from this blog that I'm not keen on everyone smearing everyone else as a racist all the time: we all have our prejudices, and need to cut each other some slack, or germane questions about race will keep being brushed under the carpet with sighs of relief by our left-liberal elites. But what's particularly galling about the anti-Semitic Left is its humungous hypocrisy. Thinking you can forever escape the consequences of vilely libelling an entire race by simply substituting the word "Zionist" for "Jew" before ranting away like a Der Stürmer editorial is the act of a cowardly moral pygmy who is no better than any of the army of Jew-hating Trump supporters currently polluting the Twitter feeds of American Jewish conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg and John Podhoretz with the sort of sick garbage that gives certain types of male adolescents a thrill. But one side is supposed to consist of social justice warriors and the other of knuckle-dragging fascist troglodytes? Two sides, same coin - equally revolting, except the Trumpeteers and their ilk at least don't pretend to occupy any sort of moral high ground: they're inadequate wankers and I suspect they know it.

Speaking of the moral high ground, I saw a recording of Diane Abbott's car crash interview on  the Andrew Marr Show at the weekend. (apparently Labour is introducing a "Code of Contact" to deal with "anti-Sematic" behaviour). But, really, they needn't have bothered because, she assured us, there wasn't a problem with anti-Semitism in her party, that it was all a plot by Corbyn's enemies, and that, besides, only twelve allegations of anti-Semitic statements by Labour Party members had been reported. Yet we discover in today's Telegraph that at least 50 party members have been suspended for anti-Semitism. It couldn't possibly be, could it, that the Chocolate Blancmange was knowingly lying? And since dear old Corbyn is so determined not to focus his recently-announced party inquiry on "anti-Semitism" (a word which - like "Israel" - he can hardly bear to utter) and as we keep hearing that he "doesn't have a racist bone in his body", perhaps he could ask the inquiry Chairthing, Shami Chakrabarti, to look into anti-white racist statements made by his old girlfriend, Diane Abbott - notably her tweet, "White people love playing "divide & rule". We should not play their game", the statement that "West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children" (unlike white mums, presumably), and the bizarre claim that "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" were not suitable to be nurses at her local hospital because they had "never met a black person before".

Meanwhile, as someone pointed out, Labour's current agonies are strangely reminiscent of that Father Ted episode where Ted is suspected of being a racist - and everything he says or does reinforces the impression:

Only, of course, Father Ted wasn't really racist - unlike the Labour Party.

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