Monday, 16 May 2016

Just in case you were thinking of voting Remain...

Fair sends a chill down the spine, right? And please remember that this vile anti-Semite has said he'll leave Britain if we vote Leave:

Ooops - sorry! Not that one, because everyone keeps telling us that he "doesn't have a racist bone in his body" (or a brain, evidently) - despite being "friends" with loads of vile anti-Semites. Besides, we're stuck with Steptoe until his repulsive deputy Tom Watson decides the time is right for a coup. No, the anti-Semite I was talking about is Ken "the Jews won't vote for me because they're rich" Livingstone:
Last month, he told us that, in the events of a vote in favour of Brexit, "I would personally start thinking about emigrating to somewhere the economy is not going to collapse." So, a socialist country with a successful economy? Hmm. Let me think for a bit... Ken would probably prefer Sweden, but, while it's socially liberal (to the point of lunacy), it's economically more Thatcherite than the UK. Ditto Norway (but that's off the menu in any case, because it has self-harmed by voting to stay out of the EU - the fools!) Cuba? Venezuela? North Korea? Well, to be honest, Ken, we don't much care where you bugger off to - just as long as you  keep your promise and actually bugger off. Do send a postcard.

Unfortunately, while the Remain camp has nothing but crosses to bear when it comes to personalities, the Brexit camp has this thing to contend with in its own ranks:
But which appalling blister is better - Ken Livingstone or George Galloway? There's only one way to find out - FIGHT!

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