Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Documentary-maker Martin Durkin is an absolute bloody hero - please watch "Brexit: The Movie" and share it as widely as possible

The most liberating, eye-opening, gloriously bolshie and important documentary shown on British television so far this century was without a doubt Martin Durkin's huggably wonderful The Great Global Warming Swindle, broadcast by Channel 4 in 2007. I was already a sceptic before watching it - but it turned me into a fully-fledged, foam-flecked, swivel-eyed climate change denier. It was, in effect, the antidote to that vile, steaming pile of mendacity, An Inconvenient Truth, which (let's not forget) was force-fed to our schoolchildren during the Blair Terror (including to our son - fortunately, his teacher finished the lesson by tearing the whole Climate Change alarmist argument to shreds).

Durkin's splendid film made a lot of deluded, pompous, intellectually dishonest people very angry at the time - it was, after all, a full frontal assault on one of the left-liberal elite's most cherished fantasies: George Monbiot blubbed in the Guardian: "Why does Channel 4 seem to be waging a war against the greens?" Well, George, because the greens are essentially communists who don't like human beings, believe in poppycock, and champion policies which would reduce this country to the economic level of Somalia or North Korea.

Durkin, a former working-class revolutionary communist, was spectacularly rude back at his shocked critics. If you didn't see this ground-breaking documentary, it's available here. Nothing that has happened in the intervening nine years has invalidated any of the arguments made in the film. Well, Durkin is back with a crowd-funded 70-minute film, Brexit: The Movie, which commits some thoroughly deserved GBH on our self-satisfied, arrogant, complacent left-liberal, EU-lovin' leaders - you know, the fear-mongering Remainers who have been trying to frighten us with farcical visions of the Zombie Apocalypse that will undoubtedly overwhelm us if we have the effrontery - the sheer damned unconscionable cheek - to ignore the orders issued by our betters by giving the EU (which has, after all, saved us from war and made us all very rich and created a Golden Age of equality and social justice), a massive two-fingered salute on 23rd June. It's not being shown on television (where bias isn't allowed, unless it's the sort of unalloyed pro-EU bias our state braodcaster has been pumping out for decades), but it can be viewed on YouTube or Breitbart or Vimeo or right here, right now:

If you enjoyed it (well, of course you enjoyed it - it features practically all of my favourite commentators, including James Delingpole, Matt Ridley, Dan Hannan, Janet Daley and Simon Heffer, and there isn't a pro-EU twassock in sight) please alert as many people as possible to its existence.

God bless everyone who contributed to the film (and I say that without a hint of irony). And the very best of luck to everyone fighting to disentangle this great country from the poisonous tentacles of the hideous, suffocating, socialistic Leviathan that is the EU.


  1. Just to compliment you on another fine post and for introducing me to the excellent "Brexit The Movie." Good to see sensible people with strong convictions being given a platform rather than the usual shifty mob of chancers.
    For some reason it reminded me of the following dialogue from Woody Allen's film " Mighty Aphrodite" and that we are in serious danger on the 23rd :
    Lenny Weinrib: "You didn't see Schindler's List?"
    Kevin : "No, no... that was the one with the Jews and
    the, um... who were the bad guys?"
    Lenny Weinrib: " The Nazis. The blond guys were the Nazis."
    Kevin: " Man, they were a bunch of mean mothers." He chortles admiringly.
    This morning I heard Nick Robinson conduct one of his endless series of inteviews about "Leave" or "Remain" on Today. He was visiting the University of East Anglia [weren't they the mob who cooked the books on climate change?]. Anyway, he found his own version of "Kevin", a third-year student who lived in a place called "Br'in" and felt that " no one has learnt them nuffink". That is what you are up against - the Dave/Deidre Sparts who have no grip of history and are increasingly unable to think coherently.

  2. Excellent movie. I have recommended it on my local town forum, where, apart from the usual trolls, it seems to be very well received.
    I have been amazed by the comments of some of my Remain friends, who say leaving is "turning your back on Europe". Europe, to me, represents people, places, food and drink that we are fond of, not a gang of stifling Eurocrats.
    Thanks, Scott, for alerting us to this film.

  3. But, listen, both of you - 283 leading members of our "creative industries" have told us we must stay in the EU or Britain will become "an outsider shouting from the wings". Signatories to the luvvies' letter included "Benedict Cumberbatch, Carol Ann Duffy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, Dame Vivienne Westwood, John le Carré, Keira Knightley, Sir Anish Kapoor, Sir Patrick Stewart, Steve McQueen and members of the band Franz Ferdinand." When "members of the band Franz Ferdinand" tell us to do something, who are we to refuse them? As Homer Simpson famously said: "Rock stars - is there anything they don't know?"

  4. Am I mistaken or are the majority of key contributors to the Brexit movie Jewish? Is it a coincidence that the EU is known for encouraging a two state resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which Netanyahu repeatedly rejects as an option. Is it a coincidence that the EU is known for defending the humanitarian rights of displaced Palestinians by building them homes, many of which the Israelis have bulldozed and are continuing to do so. I just wonder, if the EU was pro Israel would this movie have been made?

    1. Oddly enough, I have no idea how many of those who appeared in "Brexit: The Movie" were Jewish - I forgot to download my digital nose-caliper app before viewing it.

      The EU is hardly alone in encouraging a two-state solution - 60% of ISRAELIS favour a two-state solution, while 32% are against it. The problem is that the Palestinians want a one-state solution, without any Jews left alive in it. I suspect it's the genocidal aspect of the Palestinian wish-list that's proving a bit of a sticking-point. Or perhaps Israel's current "intransigence" stems from the fact that whenever they've made major concessions to the Palestinian leadership in the past, the response has been hatred, violence and treachery.

      "Bexit: the Movie" might not have been made if the EU hadn't been such an abysmally incompetent, anti-democratic organisation, if Angela Merkel hadn't decided it would be fun to hold a Facebook party for a million Muslim immigrants (free food and blonde chicks laid on!) without bothering to ask her own people - let alone the rest of Europe - if they were cool with the idea, if David Cameron and his Remain chums had been able to come up with a single positive reason for staying in, and if Jean-Claude Juncker hadn't been an arrogant, drunken, willie-waving egomaniac - and, of course, if 1,500 backers hadn't donated over £100,000 on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter (I don't know how many of them were Jewish, but I think we should be told).

      By the way, 59% of British Jews voted to remain, while 31% voted to leave the EU (the rest didn't vote). And that despite the terrifying rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. If you can spin that as showing British Jews voted in Israel's interests rather than what they considered to be in Britain's interests - good luck to you.