Friday, 22 April 2016

Why does every Remain campaigner sound like they don't believe a word they're saying?

The Conservative minister and Remain supporter Ed Vaisey was on the BBC's Daily Politics programme on Wednesday, being interviewed by that Scotweiler, Andrew Neil. Oh dear. Vaisey's desperately embarrassing performance starts at 2'10":
That went well!

I know I'm biased on the issue of Britain remaining in the EU. I owe allegiance to two countries - Britain and Norway - and I would be absolutely delighted if neither of them were members of the undemocratic, anti-free trade, Franco-German socialist racket that is the EU. Even if there were convincing economic arguments for staying in, I'd still want out. Nevertheless, I'd like to hear some convincing arguments from Tory politicians for remaining, even if only so I'll feel slightly less disconsolate when the country elects to remain locked in the EU's death-grip: it would be nice to be able to at least pretend that the voters had some rational grounds for spurning the chance to take control of their own country again, rather than because they allowed themselves to be scared by a seemingly endless series of outrageous, bare-faced lies. Left-wingers have an excuse: the EU ensures socialism via the back door. Corporatist Tories have an excuse as well - the EU is the friend of big corporations, vested interests and the status quo, and is the enemy of small businesses.  But many of the Tories you'd expect to be firmly on the side of Edmund Burke's "little platoons" have proved traitors to the cause of parliamentary democracy and British sovereignty.
It wouldn't be quite so depressing if the lies were being told by people who actually believed they were speaking the truth. But, on the whole, they're being told by people who actually know they're lying. Some notable Remain supporters are, of course, mad - Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine, for instance, are dyed-in-the-wool, bred-in-the-bone fanatics, and they actually believe at least some of the nonsense they spout. But the younger generation of Tory politicians can't believe a word of it. The NHS will suffer as a consequence of leaving the EU? It'll lead to hundreds of thousands of Muslim economic migrants flooding across the channel? Zillions of businesses will instantly move their headquarters abroad? The City will simply implode? Every household will be over £4,000 a year worse off? We'll be at even greater risk from terrorist attacks? This is desperate, pitiful, hysterical, mendacious drivel. How do they manage to deliver such ourargeous tosh with a straight face?

As the first part of Nick Robinson's excellent BBC programme, Europe: Them Or Us, made clear, that dreadful man Edward Heath and his lackeys blatantly and deliberately kept the truth of what the creators of the European Project had in store for us from the British people - who, unaware of the end-game of ever-closer political and economic union leading to the total erosion of national identities, dutifully voted to join the EEC. Now, the next generation of Heathites is lying to us once more, aided and abetted by conscienceless former Eurosceptics like Theresa May and Sajid Javid. I'd like to imagine that British voters will recognise that the new boss is just like the old boss - but, despite the fact that most of my right-wing friends are certain of triumph,  I remain utterly convinced that the British people will get fooled again. Pity.

God Bless Michael Gove!

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