Saturday, 5 March 2016

If I were an American, I might vote for Trump just to get rid Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg and the other Trexiteers!

I love it when lefty celebrities stamp their expensively-shod feet and threaten to leave whichever Western democracy has conferred celebrity on them if the peasants are foolish enough to elect a politician or political party of which they disapprove. The number of petulant "I'll leave if Trump gets in" whiners is growing apace. And if I were an American Republican, I'd be tempted to vote for the loud-mouthed thug with the tiny hands just to see the back of these puffed-up, arrogant, self-important jerks (sorry - Trumpspeak is catching). Despite Trump's claim that he gets on fine with "Da Blacks", many of the Trexiteers (I really should copyright the term) are black, but there are quite a few ghastly white folk in amongst them. Here's a partial list:

Whoopi Goldberg (well, obviously)

Jennifer Lawrence (because, apparently, it would be "the end of the world")

Al Sharpton (race huckster sans pareil - mind you, as he has an unpaid tax bill of some $4.5m, and his chum Obama wouldn't be there to protect him any longer, he might not be allowed out)

Jon Stewart (the smuggest of all smug lefty talk show hosts, who has threatened to leave the planet - let's hope it's without a spacesuit)

Cher (Jupiter is her preferred destination - mind you, she also promised to leave if George W. Bush became president, so...)

Miley Cyrus (the desperate little twerker)

Raven-Symoné (black actress and comedienne who appeared in The Cosby Show and also a bunch of stuff you won't have heard of - I'm tempted to change my name to Scott-Gronmarké)

Samuel L. Jackson ("If that motherfucker becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa" - presumably to an expensive gated community with lots of armed guards)

Barry Diller (major league film and TV executive)

Rosie O'Donnell (lesbian comedienne and TV personality with weight issues)

Eddie Griffin (black actor and comedian in TV sitcoms and films you won't have heard of)

Omari Hardwick (black actor)

Neve Campbell (actress)

Apart from those, there are many more Trexiteers featured in a video on the Huffington Post Canada website. Unfortunately, not being particularly au fait with popular culture these days, I have no idea who any of them are - but I suspect that America would somehow manage to limp along despite the pain of losing them. One of Donald Trump's sons has offered to buy plane tickets for all of the refuseniks. Let's face it, even a Ted Cruz supporter might feel a Trump presidency would be a price worth paying to rid their country of a lot of babyish ignoramuses unable to grasp that being famous doesn't mean that the world automatically grants your every wish. (Unless, of course, you're Donald Trump.)


  1. I suspect the Donald is a very vindictive man [the permanent pout is a giveaway]and that he carries a little "Hashes To Be Settled" book. I suspect Alex Salmond's name is in there somewhere and that "Wee Eckie" will be getting his tartan trews dry-cleaned several times between now and July. At the taxpayers expense of course - like the trews themselves.

    1. So, a Trump presidency would mean the US gets rid of Trexiteers, and we get rid of Salmond??? I'm switching allegiance from Cruz to Trump instantly. (Unless, of course, Cruz were to promise to also "take care" of Nichola Sturgeon.)