Friday, 26 February 2016

Where the hell has this Marco Rubio been hiding - watch Trump get his arse well and truly kicked

Funny, combative, articulate and very well-prepared...

...It's probably come too late to make much difference on Super Tuesday, but thank God at least one of Trump's main Republican rivals has realised that the best way to deal with this ludicrous, ghastly man is to to descend to the gutter which he invariably occupies, pull out a verbal switchblade, and start stabbing the blustering braggart. 

This whole Republican contest has been frustrating so far - and I still expect a disappointing outcome, resulting in American voters being offered a straight choice between a bad man and a very bad woman, with the very bad woman winning (just imagine Hillary Clinton as president - "The horror! The horror!"). But as long as Rubio maintains this sort of "baby-faced assassin" form, the rest of the process could be highly entertaining. 

Just keep laughing at Trump - he's ridiculous!

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