Sunday, 28 February 2016

Marcus Rashford! Bloody hell! Is it my imagination, or do Manchester United play much better when Rooney's injured?

18-year old Marcus Rashford - blimey!
Wayne Rooney was injured during United's home game against Sunderland on 13th February, which his team lost 2-1. United then went on to lose 2-1 away to Europa League minnows FC Midtjylland by the same scoreline five days later, and predictions that Rooney's absence from the team would be a disaster seemed to be confirmed.

But then, four days later, United secured progress in the FA Cup by beating Shrewsbury away 3-0. Not a huge surprise, exactly, but with the Red Devils' appalling form this season, a loss wouldn't have been that astonishing. Four days after that, United hosted FC Midtjylland for the return leg of their Europa League tie - and thrashed them 5-1. That's more goals than they've scored in any match so far this season. The man who started the rout was local lad, 18-year old Marcus Rashford, making his first team debut. Here are his two goals:

Earlier this afternoon, United played Arsenal at Old Trafford - a Premiership game they had to win to stand any chance of qualifying for next season's lucrative Champions League (unless, of course, they qualify by actually winning the far less prestigious Europa League). They beat Arsenal 3-2. Marcus Rashford, in only his second first team appearance, was at it again - he scored another two goals, and assisted in a (fluky) third one:


It sounds like Rooney could be out for the rest of the season. Given his contribution as captain so far in 2015/16 - seven goals in 22 appearances - I wonder if that's really such bad news. Whether it is or not, the emergence of Marcus Rashford as a talented young striker is an absolute and totally unexpected delight at the back end of what has been (apart from Mourinho's stunning humiliation and the possibility of either Leicester or Tottenham winning the league) a truly dispiriting season for United fans.


  1. Don't overpraise Rashford. I fear the English football journos are about to massively overreact [yes, strange to imagine!] and then the blithering clots at the FA will get their bowels in an uproar and he will be rushed into the England team as captain in time for the upcoming Euro-debacle [early exit anyone?] and round to the palace for an OBE.

    Since the departure of the great Lineker and Shearer the next great striker has been prematurely anointed and Rooney has been in a sort of holding position for ever [in spite of the obvious evidence to the contrary] while various candidates are hailed and then found wanting [ the gap between earnings and talent continues to widen alarmingly] - Emile Heskey, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Raheem Sterling, Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxbow-Incident, Daniel Sturridge. I hope they handle Rashford with care.

    Leicester City. The last time an unfashionable provincial English team won the League they went on to win The European Cup two years in a row. Fingers crossed. And Ranieri [like Pellegrini] is a proper gent which would be a great bonus.

    1. Don't worry - if Mourinho takes over from Van Gaal, Rashford will be got rid of in favour of some bullying thug of a foreign striker.

      Yes, Walcott - he was part of the England squad under Sven Goran Eriksson (who we seem to have to identify by all three of his names, as if he were an American serial killer) and TEN YEARS LATER we're still waiting for him to fulfil his "promise".

      Even if Leicester don't make it (and, let's face it, they probably won't) I've got my fingers crossed for Spurs, who seem to have ghosted their way to second in the table. It's about bloody time they reached the top again.

      Shame to hear that Jimmy Greaves has been felled by a massive stroke. Good luck to him.

  2. Marcus rashford is from Wythenshawe he was born to into am ordinary family whose mum is a brilliant cook. He has been trained locally taken from his family at 11 living in Ashton on with another family whom are paid well to have him there he has been spotted and coached and his gift has shone to those that matter..if you ask me this boy will prove himself and hopefully won't be dropped he has saved man utd and if it wasn't for him scoring goals after goal they wouldn't have reached the semi finals and looking forward to the final in may .

    1. I'm looking forward to the final as well, Julie - it would be nice to get something out of the season. And I also suspect the young man is the real deal. Let's hope he gets a manager who appreciates him and knows how to realise all that potential I am really hoping it isn't Mourinho, who I don't like, and whose teams I've never enjoyed watching - I suspect all United fans want the team to return to its marauding, buccaneering, swarming, exhilarating ways of old, and I don't see Mourinho delivering any of that.