Monday, 15 February 2016

If we leave the EU, all British males will become sterile and all women will have to wear burqas

I’m really sorry to return to this subject so soon, but Euromaniacs are beginning to sound as bonkers as a box of frogs on acid. Take this from today’s Telegraph:
Dame Carolyn McCall, the boss of easyJet, said a British exit would drive up the cost of air travel and could herald a return to the days when flying was "reserved for the elite”.
Does anyone in the country - even Dame Carolyn McCall - actually believe that the EU makes anything cheaper, including air travel? The EU’s job is to make everything more expensive by every means available, starting with import restrictions on food from Third World countries.

One of the Tory Party’s most shameless turncoats, Phillip Hammond, got into the act yesterday:
…the Foreign Secretary, warned yesterday that Europe could fall apart if Britain voted to leave the European Union. He said that a Brexit could lead to "contagion" and see other EU member states holding referendums of their own as the continent "lurches very much in the wrong direction”.
And this would be a bad thing? Why would individual countries seeking to reclaim their sovereignty be a lurch "very much in the wrong direction”? Why mightn’t it herald a series of lurches in the right direction?

But my favourite piece of Remain nonsense so far (even better than David Cameron’s fantasy about the migrants in Calais using a Star Trek-style transporter to instantly rematerialise in Kent) was “Lady” Brady (i.e. Karen off The Apprentice, and Vice-Chairman at West Ham FC) who apparently managed to keep a straight face recently while warning us that “Leaving the EU could have a big impact on foreign players, as independent analysis has shown that two-thirds of European stars in England would not meet automatic non-EU visa criteria and therefore might be forced to leave.”

Despite having a CBE, Karen hasn’t managed to grasp the fact that, once Britain has left the EU, it can decide exactly who it does and doesn’t want to let into the country.

Perhaps sensing the weakness of Karen’s argument, the BBC turned to someone called Rory Miller, the former director of the MBA (Football Industries) programme at Liverpool University (!):
"If - after Britain left the EU - there was a strict migration quota strictly applied then one would assume that the Home Office would give preference to the thousands of workers needed to keep essential public services going. Footballers and other sports people would not be given priority, except, perhaps, for the absolute stars.”
Well, Rory, if there were fewer new immigrants placing a strain on our education, healthcare, criminal justice and transport systems, perhaps we wouldn’t need quite as many other new immigrants to keep those “essential public services” going. And, although I bow to your intimate understanding of the priorities of future British governments, I somehow doubt that Fatima the potential NHS floor-cleaner is going to be given preference over someone like, say, Lionel Messi when it comes to dishing out a visa. (Maybe Rory seriously imagines Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister in the near future.)

If Cameron goes for a June referendum, it means we could have another four months of this nonsense to endure. By then, I expect the claims in the title of this post will seem very mild in comparison with the sort of demented cack these hysterics will be flinging at us. Mind you, as there's been a concerted effort to convince us that the EU is keeping us all safe from terrorists, I'm not sure that the claims can get any more fantastic.


  1. Now the date is set we shall all await your commentary as the "arguments" unfold.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, Simon, but I intend to ignore the "arguments" as far as possible and just enjoy watching The Establishment going DEFCON 3 over the very real threat of having the Euro-rug pulled from under it. It'll also be fun to watch Cameron trying to make the public's flesh creep over "There Be Dragons" post-Brexit perils, while simultaneously revealing what a nasty "Flashman"-style bully he is; Boris and George Osborne desperately and openly positioning themselves as Flashman's successor; Nigel Farage trying to carve out a role for himself other than the Ghost of Christmas Past; and Jeremy Corbyn continuing to argue that the EU is really bad for British workers, and we must stay in the EU. Er... And, of course, the BBC trying to maintain "neutrality" while, with every fibre of its being, praying for an In vote.

      This is one of those occasions when I wish I was back working at Westminster.

  2. "Without Europe we'd slide into barbarism", it says on the Telegraph's home page, with a link to a Polly Filla article which concludes:

    Quite apart from the practical issues of border controls, do we want to go back to a Hogarthian existence with no civilising influences? Left to our own devices we’ll all be painting ourselves blue and drinking gin. Not a good look.

    Less harmless, we have a Budget coming up in a few weeks. Mr Osborne may not threaten us with sterility and burqas. But suppose he offers us a tax cut, to come into effect on 24 June 2016 if and only if, the day before, we have voted to Remain?