Friday, 25 September 2015

This was certainly my reaction to all the hysteria about little Ahmed's scary-looking "clock"


  1. I have been having a few problems with my eye-sight recently and managed to completely misread your head-line which caused some distress. Briefly, I imagined you were following in the foot-steps of Joe Orton and Kenneth Williams and had returned from some shady jaunt to Morocco or such like.

    1. I worry about you. I really do.

      To be fair to Orton and Williams, although they were undoubtedly confirmed players of the pink oboe and enjoyed visiting Satan's Alley (especially Orton, who seems to have spent practically every waking hour in the place - Williams seems to have turned his back on such pursuits, as it were) and while I'm sure they both knew several youths called Ahmed, I doubt if either of them would have been interested in any one as young as our budding clock-maker.