Friday, 8 May 2015

We really should have listened to Owen Jones...

And polling companies should be fighting to hire Blairite commentator, Dan Hodges (the son of Glenda Jackson), to advise them in the run-up to the next election. Ever since Ed Miliband was elected Labour leader he has been telling Telegraph readers that there was absolutely no way the weird twerp could win by pursuing a 35% core vote strategy. As a result, Hodges has been reviled and mocked by sundry Labourites. I doubt they're laughing much now.

I'm sorry UKIP didn't do better - and very sorry that our excellent local Tory MP got turfed out for some dreary Labourite, but it's London. Apart from that, by God it's been fun watching Labour and Lib-Dem wankers bite the dust (not to mention George Galloway). Watching Andrew Marr barely able to contain his anger at Labour's disaster has been particularly amusing. Neil Kinnock once more proved himself to be a truly horrible, bitter old git by reprising his pathetic "millions will suffer" act from the 1992 election. But Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy gave a truly impressive loser's speech - so classy and well-judged, it actually brought a lump to my throat: one doesn't expect such grace under pressure from modern politicians. Classy.

And so to bed - relieved, rather than ecstatic. It feels like the whole country dodged a bullet.

I'll leave you with the most heart-breaking tweet of the night - from arch-socialist Laurie Penny:
Please everyone take care of each other tonight. So many are already close to losing hope. Reach out to that friend. I mean it. 
It's good to laugh.

....Oh my God - Vince Cable just lost in Twickenham. VINCE CABLE.

To quote Michael Deacon - "JESUS ACTUAL CHRIST. Vince actual Cable."

Thank you, Lord. Just...thank you!

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