Sunday, 10 May 2015

The most fascinating electoral map of 2015 - Labour support centres on coalfields and immigrant-flooded cities

Sorry - I can't remember who came up with this brilliant map, but it suggests that Labour's core voters are now almost entirely to be found in old coal-mining areas where people still harbour rersentments towards Mrs. Thatcher and her glorious victory over Arthur Scargill and his NUM thugs - and cities which Labour deliberately flooded with  immigrants who would then express their gratitude by voting for them (the largest and most cynical act of gerrymandering in the whole sordid history of politics).

So Labour now have to choose a leader who appeals to both types of voter, doesn't carry too much baggage, and who won't scare Middle England. The amiable Paddington postman, Alan Johnson, springs to mind, but he evidently isn't interested - wise man! Andy Burnham will do well oop North, but all the Tories would have to do is shout "Mid Staffs!" for the next five years, and he'd be well and truly buggered. Yvette Cooper is married to Ed Balls - nuff said. As for Chuka Ummuna, I can't think of a creepier, oilier, metropolitan lounge lizard spiv - he actually does make my flesh crawl. And I really can't imagine super-posh Tristram Hunt, privilege oozing from every pore, going down a storm with the ex-coal mining community, let alone Scottish folk. As for Labour's "care" spokespersonage, Liz Kendall, who's just thrown her hat in the ring - I don't know a thing about her, and suspect it will remain that way.

Anyway, it's Labour's problem - those of us who despise their party can simply sit back and enjoy the fisticuffs. The first thing I suggest they all do is read the article "Ten delusions about the Labour defeat to watch out for" (here) in the New Statesman, which is surprisingly excellent.

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