Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Fulminators get all perky and cheerful with the rock 'n' roll instrumental, "What, Me Worry"

I've been meaning to write about serious issues, honestly. I was going to have a tantrum about a BBC News Israeli elections piece today which featured nothing but Arabs whingeing in Ramallah - because, after all, they're the only people who matter, right? But, does the world need another crotchety right-winger ripping into the BBC for it's disgracefully lopsided and myopic coverage of Israel? And I simply can't face writing about the three jihadi schoolgirls who've travelled to Syria to find the hirsute, halitotic, mass-murdering psychopath of their dreams. Good luck, ladies - just in case you imagine everyone in Britain is worried sick about you, and angrily blaming the authorities for not preventing you from leaving (?), I'll let you into a little secret: I really couldn't give a flying one what happens to you. 

As for the brouhaha over the party leaders' TV debates - I COULDN'T CARE LESS IF YOU PAID ME TO CARE LESS. In fact, if I hear the subject mentioned one more time, I may very well burst into tears of sheer and utter indifference. So I've been making music instead.

I know I promised recently that The Fulminators wouldn't be recutting any more monster hits from their glittering back catalogue - but I mis-spoke myself. However, cross my heart, this really is the last one, because what remains is either unsalvageable or as good as I reckon I can make it without starting from absolute scratch or discovering a pill that instantly increases one's musical talent. This final retread was originally called "Jaunty" when I assembled it back in 2010. I've cut more than a minute from it (the original took almost that long to get going properly), swapped most of the instruments, whacked on some more percussion to beef up the beat, and added some guitar bits. The result of all this frenzied activity is that it's a bit better than it was.

If you don't want to hear the music, why not turn the volume down and just enjoy the slideshow ofMad covers?

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